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What's better than light and reliable equipment you may ask? Well, light and reliable equipment, such as the Grivel Scream, that facilitates the use of more light and reliable equipment! This truly does, as the Italians say, “lascia che tu abbia la tua torta e mangiala anche tu.” Being comprised of hot-drop forged, light alloy material, the Scream is light and compact, meaning you’ll barely notice it on the skin track. Made specifically for smaller diameter ropes, such as the Petzl RAD line, the Scream allows you to leave the big ropes at home, further creating space and weight savings. The versatile Scream can be used for all vertical adventures, whether you are belaying a client from the top or applying extra friction for a scary rappel on the way down. Few things are as scream-inducing as rappelling with icy, smaller-diameter ropes. Save your vocal cords for elated screams at the bottom of your next objective and get the Grivel Scream.

  • Hot-dropped forged, light-alloy material is light and durable.
  • Suitable for ropes between 5-8mm in diameter.
  • Can be used to belay from the top.
  • 4 different braking positions allow you to find just the right amount of friction.
  • Perfect for ski mountaineering objectives requiring skinny ropes.
  • Comes as either a device only or with the excellent Plume Wire Lock Carabiner.

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Model: Scream

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