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You can never have too many Nanos. Especially if you’re the type to litter the mountain with biners. The 22 is a revamped version of the classic CAMP Nano carabiner, which set the standard for lightweight functionality. The new version has a refined gate for easier clipping and a deeper basket for holding the rope position. CAMP also managed to increase the open-gate strength while subtracting a gram. The biggest little biner on the market comes in eight colors for your sorting and racking pleasure.

  • Wide gate opening helps slot your rope or anchor while wearing gloves.
  • Inner space is large enough for a clove hitch using any rope.
  • Profiled nose can slip into tight chain links or harness loops.
  • Weighs just 22 grams, which had a big influence on the name.
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Dimensions   86mm x 52mm
Specs Verified Weight only
Gate Style Wire
Major Axis Strength 21 kN
Minor Axis Strength 8 kN
Open Gate Strength 9 kN
Materials   7075 Aluminum
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ultralight ski alpinism, building rappel anchors, technical ski mountaineering
Notes Small and compact
Bottom Line One of the smallest carabiners compatible with any diameter of rope
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Questions & Reviews

Elliot D (downright abused product)
Most of my alpine draws for climbing utilize the nano wire gate carabiners. They are very lightweight and easy to use, plus they come in cool colors. They're light enough to bring a few with you on a ski tour and cheap enough to leave behind on an anchor if you're in a pinch.
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Travis (used product a few times)
These are perfect for glacier rescue. Small tidy and always at hand. The multiple colors are great for sorting your gear. Sometimes their size makes it difficult to rack up all my gear, but the lack of mass makes it worth it.
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Question from nate
So I use 22's for racking cams. I bought a bunch probably two years ago in dark green, but since they've updated colors and discontinued the dark green.

Do you know if your green 22's are dark green or the new lime green? Asking because I'd like to buy more if I can keep the colors consistent.

Answer from Jacob L
Hey Nate!!
Unfortunately, CAMP did change the green from a darker shade to, as you describe it, a more limey green, and I wasn't able to find any older stock hanging around the shop. Hopefully you can find another carabiner that's got the right shade of green on it, because we all know how annoying mismatched colors can be.
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thomc (used product regularly)
This is a burly accessory clip. It is not a carabiner I'd use for climbing. The peening on the wiregates would easily slice something, if only your thumb. I like annoyingly small superlight 'biners, for example DMM. I like inexpensive ultralight gear, for example CAMP.
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Pete (used product regularly)
In my opinion the best wiregate currently on the market. Very light, small but the gate opens to a reasonable width, and the nose is very small profile. They do like to snag on the floss line gear loops of skimo harnesses but I think its worth the weight savings.

One downside: the low price is reflected in a lack of quality control, if you buy a few rackpacks worth you inevitably get a few with sticky gates.
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Curly (downright abused product)
I love camp Nanos!! I have quite a few on my rack and am always looking for good prices on more! It is surprisingly large for its weight. It is very thin so I always double check that I don't have any bending forces on it when its weighted. I use these for alpine draws and it is harder to clip the rope but I think the weight savings are worth it in the alpine. I also use them for all of my crevasse rescue gear that doesn't require a locker.
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Christopher W (used product regularly)
These and Metolius FS Minis are my go-to lightweight climbing biners these days. The Nano is a touch lighter than the FS mini while also being bigger and easier to clip/unclip. I pare down my rack to single nanos + 8mm dyneema slings in the smallest quantity I can get away with for big alpine stuff. The weight and bulk reduction really adds up. Neat that they come in colors now - maybe soon it will be time to upgrade my racking biners!
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Model: Nano 22

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