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If you've already solved your bottle holding issues, you might be in the market for a spare water bottle. The CAMP Action Bottles dispense water through either a drinking tube (118 grams) or a spout (98 grams). The drinking tube is nice for days where it's not too cold (it can freeze) as you can take a sip without pulling the bottle out of the holder. The spout is a standard pull-out style nozzle that you can suck or squeeze water through. The bottles hold 0.75 liters (25.4 fluid ounces) of hydration and feature a secure screw-top cap.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Cathy
Does this water bottle fit in standard bicycle water bottle cages?
Answer from Andrew C
Cathy, yes, this bottle will fit in a bicycle cage.
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Question from Jamie
Will the top lid and hose fit on any other bottle tops like nalgene wide mouth or gatorade bottles? Do they make adapters for various size bottles?
Answer from Nate
Hi Jamie, it does not appear that these lids will fit on Nalgene or Gatorade bottles. At this time, CAMP does not make an adapter for other bottles.
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Kurt P (used product a few times)
ive tried everything...and I can NOT get the horrible plastic taste out of this thing. about to toss it into the garbage. Any ideas??
Reply from jbo
Hi Kurt, we haven't noticed that being a problem, noting some folks have more acute taste-sensitivities than others. Do you have the version with the straw or without?
Reply from Kurt P
with the straw. i have lots of bottles...none with this taste. taste like a brand new garden hose. ha!
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Question from Phil
Hi, is this bottle insulated?
Answer from jbo
Hi Phil, it is not insulated, just a tough plastic.
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Question from Kelly
Does this fit in the dynafit RC 20 bottle holder? Also is pick up an option in salt lke city? thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kelly, it fits albeit a little loosely. The bungee secures it fine though. Here is a picture. Yes we can work with you locally.
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Question from Jake D
Do you by chance have spare caps for sale? I already own two bottles with the tubes, but I would like to get the spout caps for them as well.
Answer from jbo
Sorry Jake, unfortunately CAMP doesn't sell those separately and we don't have a stash of them. Seems like it would be a good idea though.
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