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Looking for a sweet deal on some skins? We occasionally sell off skins from our demo fleet here. In addition, from time to time we end up with trimmed but unused skins, skins returned without the backing material or packaging, and other odds and ends. This is the place to get great pricing on perfectly functional used and never-used climbing skins. Please note all demo skins come with a limited 90-day warranty covering manufacturer defects, but not normal wear and tear or abuse. All demo skins can be returned unused within 10 days.

Atomic Hybrid, Backland 85mm x 172-179cm - Sweet new mohair skins with Hybrid glue in a damaged box. These are a tip-rip skin and you attach the tail clip.

Blizzard Universal, 125mm - This is awesome Pomoca race material with an attached standard square tip buckle and Pomoca tails that you attach. 125mm wide w/o a box.

Contour Guide Mix Skin, 115mm x 153-160cm - Contour's classic mix skin with traditional glue. Great grip and glid but comes without a box.

Contour Guide Mohair Skin, 135mm x 153-160cm - A great size of Contour's guide mohair in a damaged box. Unused.

Contour Guide Mohair Skin, 135mm x 161-168cm - The traditional glue skis from Contour with their OG mohair. New, but backing has been removed.

Contour Hybrid Mix Skin, 135mm x 153-160cm - Never used, trimmed for a ski with sidecut dimensions of 134-109-120.

Pomoca Mohair Skin, 100mm x 185-200cm - Great mohair skin with Pomoca's North American glue. Cut the tips and/or tails off to make a speedskin. No backing sheets but unused.

Pomoca Mohair Skin, 120mm x 155-170cm - No box, but otherwise new. Great value on Pomoca's premium mohair.

Ski Trab Precut, Stelvio/Gavia 85, 164cm - Skied once, comes in original packaging.

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Questions & Reviews

Comment from jer
Hi there, and happy new year!

Looking at the "used" Contour Guide Mix Skins, 115mm x 153-160. Would those fit a ski with the following dimensions?

160 long
90 wide at the waist
108 at the tail

Thanks so much!
Reply from jbo
Hi Jer, yes they would. Generally you want a skin that is as wide as the widest part of the tail, so plenty here.
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