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We like to let folks test out ski boots. That means we occasionally have used boots for sale. Some of them are listed here for your purchasing pleasure. All demo boots come with a 90-day warranty covering manufacturing defects. If the boots do not fit, you may return them unused within 10 days.

Atomic Backland Ultimate 27/27.5 - Boot skied only once, liner was never molded. There is some scuffing around the toe sockets from the binding toe.

Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 28.5 - Liner has been molded once. Boot has been skied twice.

Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 29/29.5 - Never skied, missing box and footbeds.

Dalbello Quantum Asolo 27.5 - Skied in twice, liner never molded. Still in great shape.

Dynafit Hoji Free 110 24.5 - Skied for one day. Boot liner was molded once. Otherwise, boot is in good shape.

Dynafit Radical Pro 31.0 - Heat molded and skied once. In great shape overall.

Fischer Transalp TS 25.5 - Brand new boot, has a Fischer Tour liner instead of a stock Transalp liner.

Fischer Traverse Carbon 29.5, SHELLS ONLY - Skied a handful of times, pair it with a Palau Tour Lite Pro liner and hit the snow!

Fischer Travers TS 27.5 - These are brand new 2022/23 boots in the box!

La Sportiva Skorpius CR II 26.5 - Liners molded and skied once. Minor scuffs on shell of boot. Otherwise in Excellent condition.

Movement Free Tour 27.0 - Nice boots with surprisingly good skiability. Normal wear and tear from some demo usage.

SCARPA F1 Women's 22.0 - Liners molded but otherwise a new boot in box.

Tecnica Zero G Peak Women 23.5 - Liners molded once but otherwise new in box.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Scott
I need an extra wide boot light weight boot.

I've got wide, flat, high volume feet. Mondo 28, Left: 108mm, Right: 112mm.

I want to be able to race without relegating myself to the heavy metal category or trudging in after the course is closed down because I have 4 pounds of muscle car on each foot. What are some of the lighter boots that might be worth a try?
Answer from Lrow
Hi Scott,

You might find yourself a bit out of luck in the demo boots category as our stock on this page is limited. However, the TLT X Extra Wide might be the exact boot for your needs.
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Question from Lou B
What is the fit like of the Dalbello Quantum? Compared to the Fisher Trans AlpPro and the Dynafit DNA. Thanks
Also do you know why this boot and the lite version appear to have been discontinued? Everything I read says they were great.
Answer from jbo
Hi Lou, it is fairly narrow in the forefoot with ample instep height and average heel. Dalbello just keeps iterating on their design and is moving away from the cord system which some skiers don't prefer.
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Question from Lou B
How do the TransAlp Pro fit in terms of length? I have a pair of Dynafit DNA in 28 that fit good for racing but would be miserable for touring due to length on my left foot only, right foot is perfect. I have some older Salomon MTN in size 27.5 that are a great length. The BSL of the Transalp make me think that they may be perfect fit for me. I have skinny heels and tend to have issues with heel slip. I am reading the Transalp is good for that. Any thoughts.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Lou, the TransAlp Pros fit as you'd expect for a 27/27.5 shell, whereas the Dynafit DNA in a 28 are "Scarpa sized" in a 27.5/28 shell and tend to run about a size small, so the TransAlps in a 27.5 will be comparatively longer.

However, the TransAlps don't have a particularly narrow heel fit, it's more a medium width and might present the same kind of heel slip issues you're describing.
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Question from Aaron
Do the 2019/2020 Atomic Ultra XTD 130 boots have the GripWalk sole, or is that only newer versions?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Aaron, the 18/19 will be a WTR sole while 19/20-current will use Gripwalk.
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Question from Chris C
The PDG’s you have 2 pairs, one in a 27 and also 27.5 - the bsl says it’s the same at 283mm for both of these so is there a sizing difference in any way? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, other than a different insole, they are the same.
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Question from James Baird
Hey, I am looking at a pair of you demo boots for my wife, the Dynafit PDG in 24.0. I believe these will be good fit, as she currently skis Dynafit One in a 24.0.

But if the boots don't fit, can I return them? I am asking just because they are a demo, so want to make sure of the return policy.

Thanks much.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey James, thanks for reaching out! If demo boots do not fit after a living room try-on, you may return them unused within 10 days. We do not offer returns on demo gear that is skied on, or beyond 10 days.
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Question from Dan
Is the women's size 27.0 the same as a men's 27.0?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, the lower shell is the same. Slightly different cuff and liner, but not a huge difference.
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