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DPS Cassiar 95 Tour1 Ski


The Cassiar 95 is an all-mountain shape that often tricks us into thinking it’s a big-mountain ski. Of course, we’re used to race skis and not the 138mm wide Lotus Spoon which put DPS on the map. Maybe one day Stephen Drake (DPS founder) will return our helicopter he borrowed.

In the meantime, we will ski with confidence on these planks. They are stable and fun. Another hit shape from DPS, who has mastered the art of blending underfoot camber and sidecut into the tips and tails in a way that just seems to work. With less rocker and flatter tails than the Wailers, the Cassiar is honed for variable days when you expect to find more junk than pow. And if you get lucky, it still shreds the pow pretty frickin’ well too.

Last but not least, now you can do it all fast ‘n light, thanks to the new Tour1 construction.

  • Recently raised tip and nice flex profile offer a good amount of float.
  • Flatter and stiffer tail helps you finish turns on hard snow.
  • Tough polyamide topsheet caps the lightweight carbon layup.
  • Core made of balsa wood that helps keep things fairly damp.
  • Rockwell 48 edges and World Cup P-Tex can take daily abuse.
Lengths (cm) 168, 178
convert to ounces
1195g [168]
1325g [178]
Weight (pair) 2390g [168]
2650g [178]
Sidecut   129-95-116
Turn Radius   16m [168]
18m [178]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip & tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Early rise tip, camber underfoot, flattish tail
Shape   Medium sidecut, tapered tips & tails
Construction   Polyamide cap w/ carbon laminates
Core   Balsa wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-mountain skiing
Notes Made in SLC
Bottom Line Default ski
Compare to other High-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from emily
any thoughts on the 95 tour 1 in 168 vs the BD helio 95 in 163 for a 5'6" 130 lbs intermediate+ skier who skis powder, trees, crud, ice, and corn in montana and alaska? i had dynastar mythics that i didn't feel confident on and am looking for a more stable and responsive ski.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Emily, thanks for reaching out! Confidence is key to having a good time on skis. There are a lot of factors that go into feeling unstable on your skis, so there may be a few factors to consider here. Which Mythic ski (waist width and length) and what boots and bindings are you skiing?
Answer from Emily
i was on 171cm length/ 97 waist mythics, my boots are la sportiva sparkle, bindings are dynafit radical 2.0 with heel and toe DIN
Answer from Trace Leches
Awesome, that sounds like a sweet setup. It's tough to match the bulldozing power of the Mythic 97 skis though so it's tough to say that these will inspire a whole lot more confidence, especially at high speeds. That being said, both the Helio 95 and the Cassiar 95 will be much, much lighter than the Mythic and if you couple the weight savings with the shorter length you'd likely get a very nimble ski! The Helio 95 is more of a soft snow ski and the Cassiar is more firm snow oriented, but obviously there's a whole lot of crossover there and you can't really lose either way.
Answer from jbo
Hi Emily, the bindings you're using have some ramp angle to them that may be pitching your forward and make the skis harder to control, especially at the shorter lengths. You might try shimming your toes as well.
Answer from Emily
cool thanks for getting back to me! the mythics were actually a very lightweight and somewhat chattery ski, but they were also probably a bit big for me (171 length- i'm 5'6", 135lbs, intermediate/advanced skier). i'm not sure if downsizing to 168 is the right move or if i should be going even smaller. i'd say i end up skiing all conditions in the backcountry so i want something that can float a bit in powder (is 164 too short?) but also can handle windblown hardpack, etc. i've heard the DPS skis are a bit easier to ski but not sure if that's true.

interesting about the shims! how do you know what size to go for? is there a different dynafit binding that would also correct the (possible) problem?
Answer from Emily
also considering the BD route 95s as I suppose they are a bit shorter and damper, albiet slightly heavier
Answer from jbo
Hi Emily, 164 is not too short for you for general backcountry usage. 168 with a big rocker like some of the DPS might be a good middle ground. Yes those are on the easier side to ski, you can get away with just about anything technique-wsie. I'd go with the 6.4mm thick shims if you're going to do it. You could look at a flatter binding like a SpeedFit or Superlite 2.0, though you'd be losing a bit in the way of release safety. Feel free to give us a ring to talk through it all!
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simon (used product regularly)
I used it during the long spring season in California--super light, playful and handles hard snow. I am a technical skier and love the steeps and big mountains. I also own the 112 tour 1 for powder skiing--an awesome ski. The Cassiar 95 tour 1, I assume, would not be "big" enough for some who love speed. However, for many it would be a wonderful ski. I purchased both skis form Skimo--worked with Jason.
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Question from Anthony C Orkiolla
I heard about Dynafit Denali's snapping, kind of scary, I have 171 nanga parbats for ice and skimo. To replace my denali's, if you think I should, should I go with the cassiar 95, wailer 99, new BD helio 95 or 105, OR, much larger, Wailer 112....which i hear is, as you describe, "cheating." Looking for the most forgiving and "confidence building" option.
Answer from jbo
Hey Anthony, we haven't seen an epidemic of broken Denalis, I wouldn't be overly concerned. That said, you listed some fun skis. The Wailers are easy to ski in general (even moreso than the cassiar); obviously the 112 floats better but the 99 would suffice in most conditions. The Helios have a bit more hard snow chops, they are stiffer and side-walled. It will depend on your usage in the end.
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Question from andy
Hey Skimo, which climbing skins would you recommend for the DPS Cassiar 95 Tour 1 ski in 168. Thanks, Andy
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, a good fit for those would be the Contour Hybrid Mix skins, 120mm x 161-168.
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Model: Cassiar 95 Touring

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