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As the bottom half of Dynafit’s two-piece training getup, the DNA pant is tasked with providing no interference to your progress. It accomplishes that goal by hugging your legs and letting boot buckles operate unimpeded. It also just may speed you up since it’s made with Nilit® Innergy fabric. This special fiber technology is able to reflect heat as infrared rays which purportedly tickle your body’s performance receptors. The DNA Training pant is sewn with flat seams and has stirrups to keep it in place over your ski boots. Don these pants and proceed uninhibited.

  • Elastic hem has globules of silicone to grip your body or first layer, avoiding slippage.
  • Boot buckle system lets you operate Dynafit UltraLock and other race buckles through the pant.
  • Four-way stretch fabric has UV protection, energy infusion, and just feels nice to wear.
  • Pant is sewn with flat seams to avoid chafing if you decide to go uphill all day long.
  • Anti-scuff guards in the cuff are a tough blend of nylon, polyester, and polyurethane.
  • Pairs perfectly with the matching jacket.
convert to ounces
300g [M]
Ventilation N/A
Pockets N/A
Waist Elastic w/ silicon grip
Cuffs Stirrups & scuff guards
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Race
Materials   Nilit-Innergy, an energy boosting nylon
Insulation N/A
Seams Flat
Lining None
Coating None
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training
Notes Reinforced boot buckle cutouts
Bottom Line A race ready, lightweight pant
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Questions & Reviews

Question from GoatsB
Will these be less warm than the current Mezzalama race 2 pants? They are about the same weight but the race 2 pants states "lined with fleece", vs. this one? Looking for a lightweight spring ski "tight". Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
Yes, these are slightly less insulated than the Mezzalama Race 2!
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Comment from Meech
One wash cycle on cold (with hang dry) resulted in the decals/lettering cracking. I imagine flaking off will ensue. I have a top-loading washing machine, and I washed these with all of my other technical clothing like softshell pants & jacket, polypro base layers, and synthetic insulating pieces.

Advice to others is to try: machine wash alone, machine wash with front loading washer, or hand wash.
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Peter L (used product a few times)
I've used these for about 4-5 tours this spring, reluctantly buying them when my PDG boots soaked my feet on several trips in wet spring snow. I was a little sensitive to buying what seem to be overpriced yoga pants, but spending an hour each trip drying out liners kind of takes away from the whole point of light gear and moving fast.

Anyway, that gripe over, the pants are nice and seem to be well constructed. The fly zipper is really quite pointless and I would much prefer to replace the fly with a pocket on the thigh to hold my phone. I also bought a pair of the Millet Tour Intense pants to compare and preferred these Dynafits to the Millets. Fabrics seemed a little more durable and perhaps slightly stretchier. The Millets did have a thigh pocket though...

The last thing I want to mention is I didn't believe the sizing chart and so ordered both the size Small and Medium to compare. I'm 5-11, 170lbs, 32" waist, with thighs like a speed skater.. well, not quite that big, but not typical tiny runner legs. Anyway, both sizes would have worked for me but the medium had a little extra fabric around the knees that would have potentially bunched up, so I went with the small and have no regrets. I guess my point is the size chart is correct, even if I haven't worn another size small since grade school!

FWIW, these did not entirely prevent soggy boots... I need to do some trouble shooting to see if my shells have a hole hidden somewhere or if the water just eventually soaks through the nylon material over the instep. Bummer.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
So close to perfection: if only they had a zippered pocket, please, even just a really small one, like on many running tights?

All sorts of other good attributes though:
- Very adaptable fit, since the size Small fits Tom N. at 6'3" and also me at 5'8" with a ~31" inseam at most. I can see how they have some excess length that could fit a taller person, but that excessive length isn't really ... excessive.
- The usual reinforced areas to cut your own holes, but as Alexandre B. notes, already has a very nice kind of concealed slot for a vertical lever.
- Tapered integrated gaiter to keep out snow from your exposed race boots.
- Grippy elastic waistband is very thin yet very tall.
- Color scheme that is sharp without being overly ostentatious.
- Zippered fly (although can of course just pull down the entire elastic front when nature calls, so would prefer that zipper were for a pocket!).
Reply from Jonathan S
DNA Jacket & Pant in action on Mount Shasta in mid-June 2017. Perfect combo for warm but windy weather, as I didn't have to bother putting a regular jacket on & off repeatedly.
(If you look carefully, you can see that the cape of my sun hat is billowing up over my head -- definitely not a day to head for the summit!)
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Tom N (used product regularly)
I have these pants in US size Small. I am 6'3" tall and after trying the US M, I found the Small to have the better fit. The US Medium's were loose in the upper thigh and butt. I view the fit of the size Small as a race suit and want a tight fit. The material on this piece has much more stretch than the older Dynafit race suits, which is most likely one reason I went with the size Small. I have a US Medium Dynafit race suit. I have plenty of length in these pants and don't feel as though they are short at all. The waist does go up higher, which probably does help.
I really like the cuff design on these pants and find they have a bit more tapered/close fit than my race suit pant cuffs. I would also point out that the cuff length seems a bit longer than prior generation Dynafit race suits as these pants fit lower down on my race boots than my race suit, which does help keep more snow out of race boot liners. I would say the length of the cuff is about .5-.75" longer than the Dynafit race suit.
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Alexandre B (hasn't used product)
Hi folks,

I just bought these pants for the coming skimo season and I just noticed that the design is slightly different than shown in the picture. The rubber band on the bottom of the leg is not colored (green, blue or pink depending on the model) but black! Not a big deal but for fashion freaks it could be relevant ^^

Anyway the pants are very comfortable and they go way above the waist, so they cover nicely a part of your back and belly to keep the critical parts warm ;)

Now lets just wait for the snow...

In fact the pants look like this.
Reply from Alexandre B
Just one more thing. If you plan to use these pants with boot having a vertical lever on the back (DNA or PG) you don't need to cut out any hole since there is already a small opening to let the lever pass through. For the other type of boots using the side lock system you will have to cut out the marked areas.
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Model: DNA Training Pant

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