Peter L

Peter L
Height:5' 11"
Weight:170 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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I have a set of these that came with my ATK bindings (aka BD Helio 180). I find them a little nicer than the standard Dynafit leashes that come with the Speed Radical - a bit more stretchy and the carabiner is a little easier to engage/disengage on the key ring. The ring provided (not sure if it comes with the leashes if purchased separately from a binding) are also very nice, and are flat wound steel instead of the typical cheap round steel key rings. Seem beefier for negligible weight difference.
I've used these for about 4-5 tours this spring, reluctantly buying them when my PDG boots soaked my feet on several trips in wet spring snow. I was a little sensitive to buying what seem to be overpriced yoga pants, but spending an hour each trip drying out liners kind of takes away from the whole point of light gear and moving fast. Anyway, that gripe over, the pants are nice and seem to be well constructed. The fly zipper is really quite pointless and I would much prefer to replace the fly with a pock...
Not too much to say on something as simple as a pole basket. Nice that BD provides a few options. They do wear out over several seasons but hey, that's why you can buy them here. Here are a few tips (no pun) to help others: - Helio baskets ONLY fit Helio poles - they are a much larger inner diameter. Learned this the hard way. exchanged for me though! - Compact baskets sound good in theory, but there is no way I've found to stop them from rotating, so the supposed benefit of better tip...
I have two sets of these that came with a pair of Gara Aero skis I purchased used. Can't compare speed on these to other mohair skins but the glue has generally been sufficient on some long tours in very wet conditions, provided you wipe down your bases well at transitions. Mohair seems to be durable enough but can update with more time. The shape of the skins is very nice (tips and tails) My only gripe regards the tip attachment. While I love the setup for taking skins off, the downside is that if your ...
I can’t really compare these to other race sticks as this is my first pair. As someone who doesn’t really plan to race, my main reason for purchasing these (in used condition, BTW) was for late season approaches where the skis are on one’s back for a good part of the day, for ski mountaineering, and for long spring tours. So, my main interest is how well they ski, and durability. I’ve had these out on about half a dozen tours, skiing some longer traverses of relatively mellow terrain and also steep, icy,...


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