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Dynafit Racing Softshell Pant


There's no reason everyday can't be as efficient as race day. The Dynafit Racing Softshell Pant are light, protective, stretchy in key areas, and make it easy to toggle your Ultra-Lock boot buckles with your pants on. If you do decide to wear these daily, you'll appreciate the anti-microbial treatment that helps hold your stink at bay.

  • Straps fit over your ski boots to keep the pants in place when booting through snow.
  • Wind resistand a water repellent Silver Shell is made of 88% nylon and 12% elastane.
  • Polarite Dynastretch Power inserts allow for flexible movement with an increase to 20% elastane (80% nylon).
  • Two zipped side pockets can stow phones, cameras, keys, or other small objects you like to carry on tours.
  • One shallow rear mesh zip stretches across your backside for stashing calories.
  • Reinforced cuffs made from 100% nylon protect your pants from yourself.
  • Holes can be cut for Dynafit boots with Ultra-Lock such as the Dy.N.A., PDG, and TLT series.
  • Special access zipper in front for when nature calls.
convert to ounces
458g [M]
Pockets 2 side zips, 1 back mesh zip
Waist Elastic
Cuffs Nylon cuff guards
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic fit but not too tight
Materials   Silver shell with Polarite Dynastretch Power inserts
Coating Anti-microbial

Questions & Reviews

Question from Jake D
Are you going to stock these again this year or have the PDG pant taken its place? I noticed this one has front pockets but the PDG does not.
Answer from jbo
Hey Jake, unfortunately Dynafit didn't bring this pant into North American this season, so there are just a couple left: one Large & one XL.
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Patrick (downright abused product)
Material: Perfect for moving fast without getting hot, but also not freezing on the way down.

Fit: Slim but not pure lycra. It looks euro for sure and downright silly at the resort, but in the backcountry you'll just look...welll...euro.

Sizing: I'm 5'11", 165 lbs, and usually wear a 30-31 pant. I fit perfectly in the Euro S, American XS. That's right, there are two sizes, one for fat americans, and one for euros. Thanks dynafit.

Features: The drawcord waistband is inobtrusive and secure. The two hand pockets are easy to use and will stretch out to hold a race skin in a pinch. The horizontal back pocket is somewhat challenging to access, but carries a few gus well. The spats are a nice touch but frankly I think they could be tighter.

Big complaint: the pant is supposedly ok with TLT style lever throws. It's not. The side zip allows for the passage of the lever, and the back heel area has a space to cut out for the boot interface, but it doesn't function well for two reasons. 1: the pant is not snug enough to keep the hole in position over the cuff lock and more importantly 2: the zipper access is too bulky and will prevent the lever from actually engaging fully. It can seem locked, but will come unlocked. Dangerous.

I love this pant for the material, but I'm disappointed in its backwards compatibility with TLT style boots. Even when the lever is kept inside the pant, there are still issues eg. the pant is wearing out where it runs through the square peg when in touring mode.

This pant would be amazing if only they had kept the cuff style of the movement pant. Still, it remains my go-to for speed touring.
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Question from Adam (hasn't used product)
Do these pants function well with a Scarpa Alien vertical heel throw?
Answer from jbo
Hi Adam, yes, there are cutouts for both styles of buckles, Dynafit and SCARPA.
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Question from Patrick
Thanks JBo for the prompt reply! Are there other pants distributed in the US that have space for race boot heel locks and similar lightweight fabrics?
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, that depends on your boot. The Millet Touring Shield Pant has a horizontal slot that nicely fits an Alien lock lever. For Dynafit & La Sportiva boots, I think you're down to race suits at this point.
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Question from Patrick
As a 30/31 waist and 31 inseam, I think that I might need a US small in this pant? Would you agree, and will you be stocking this size again any time soon?
Answer from jbo
Hey Patrick. Yeah, I would agree you need a small. Unfortunately we and Dynafit are out of those for the season. Luckily they are bringing these back next year and we will order enough :)
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Question from Tony

First up, great job with the one stop shop for all things rando. Next, I'm looking at the DYNAFIT RACING SOFTSHELL PANT but have questions about the sizing. My waist is 33" and inseam is 33 as well. I've looked at the Dynafit website and think I'm in between a medium and a large. What do you recommend?

Answer from jbo
Hi Tony,

I also have a 33" waist and 32/33 inseam, how convenient. Medium fits great!
Answer from jbo
Hey Tony, let me add a little more color (and thanks for the compliment!). The Medium feels a bit snug in the waist at first but the elastic can be stretched out. The large can easily be cinched with a drawstring and generally has a looser feel, but really is not bad at all. If you plan on wearing thick underwear or tuck in a shirt, having the extra room might not be a bad idea. It also could be a touch less restrictive when high stepping, the trade-off being a slightly baggy appearance. Hope this helps!
Answer from Jonathan S
Is Dynafit still including separate EU & US tags this season?
I have last season's very similar Movement pants, in the "EU 48/M" & "US 32" size, which was sold in the U.S. as a size Small.
I'm about a 32" waist and 32" inseam, and if anything they're a bit big in the waist, though the elastic drawstring takes up the excess quite well.
Answer from jbo
Hey Jonathan, yes, the US sizing is one notch lower than the Euro version, so the EU 48 Medium is actually a US 32 Small, and listed as Small in the drop list. I guess they think everyone in the US is bigger; I think it just makes for confusion.
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Model: Racing Softshell Pant

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