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Dynafit Seven Summits+ Ski Set - Women

No Longer Carry

While many enjoy the process of mix-and-matching custom ski touring gear, the Dynafit Seven Summits+ set is a handy shortcut for those wanting to get skiing ASAP! The package features pre-mounted solid Seven Summits skis with a Radical Long Travel binding and pre-trimmed Dynafit skins. Just adjust the bindings to your boot sole length and go! Now, this streamlined arrangement has been extended to women and lighter skiers, with shorter lengths available and a slightly softer ski flex. If you’re new to uphill skiing, shopping for a friend, or otherwise interested in bypassing choice paralysis, the Seven Summits+ Women’s Set is a helpful reference point that’s sure to please.

Seven Summits Women's Ski

  • Full ABS Sidewall for durability and stability on edge.
  • Tip and tail rocker elevate the skis in soft snow.
  • Poplar wood core with carbon stringers makes for a stable, predictable flex pattern.
  • Slightly softer flex than the Dynafit Seven Summits+ Set.
  • Pre-mounted with Radical Long Travel binding.

Radical ST Long Travel binding

  • 60mm of BSL adjustment suits a huge range of skier sizes!
  • Brake pads feature sliding anti-friction glide plates to increase stomp-ability and release consistency.
  • Two riser heights are easily accessible with a flip of the pole, while a flat mode makes short work of flat approaches.

Dynafit Precut Speedskin

  • Dynafit’s signature rubber tip rip pairs with a metal tail clip for ease of rippin’ and attachin’.
  • 70/30 mohair-nylon blend with speed glide treatment offers a classic blend of glide and grip.
  • Speedskin includes a membrane layer between the fur and glue backing, increasing longevity and waterproofness.
Length Sole Length
149cm 244-294mm
158cm 254-304mm
166cm 264-314mm
174cm 274-324mm

Please Note: Before skiing on this setup, you must have the bindings adjusted for your size, ability, and boot sole length. If you are unsure how to do this, please visit a ski shop.

Lengths (cm) 149, 158, 166, 174
convert to ounces
1720g [149]
1845g [158]
1905g [166]
1990g [174]
Weight (pair) 3440g [149]
3690g [158]
3810g [166]
3980g [174]
Dimensions   111-82-101 [149]
113-83-102 [158]
114-84-103 [166]
116-85-105 [174]
Turn Radius   16.0m [149]
17.0m [158]
18.5m [166]
20.0m [174]
Skin Fix   Speedskin Tip Rip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Generous tip and mild tail rocker, camber
Shape   Tapered tips and tails
Construction   Full ABS sidewall and carbon stringers
Core   Poplar wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Day touring, hut tours, fitness touring
Notes Weight includes bindings
Bottom Line Reliable performance for women and lighter weight skiers
Compare to other Women's Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tanya
What height + weight skier would you recommend for the 149cm lengh ski?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Tanya! Proper ski length can often also be influenced by many other factors such as the skier's ability, style, and preference. Ski touring complicates the matter even more so when evaluating how length/weight impacts uphill efficiency. Regardless, folks somewhere between 4'10" and 5'5", and 80lbs to 140lbs would likely find the 149cm to be comfortable. If you'd like, send an email over to and we can dive into the details. Thanks!
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Question from Marketa Beck
Hi! I am interested in buying the Dynafit seven Summits pre set - women's. A few questions:

1. I have Dynafit Beast 16 AT ski boot, is that compatible with the bindings?

2. I am a beginer/intermediate skier (I am a snowboarder going back to skiing). I am 5.4 feet high, weight 128 Pounds - it 158cm a good size for me or should I do 164cm?

3. Do you do free shipping to Alaska?

Thank you!!!
Answer from Jeff
This is a good way to get in at a reasonable price.
Yes, any Tech boot, will work with this binding.
Size, some personal preference there. Just getting back into it, the 158cm would be better.
Shipping to AK, This is a pretty big box, so there may be an oversize shipping charge, but otherwise free.
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