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It can be confusing knowing what binding to fit to what ski, and for what size boot. If you are amongst those scratching your head over this conundrum you are not alone. To remedy the situation Dynafit has introduced their Seven Summits+ Ski Set. A pre-mounted package with an adjustable Radical ST Binding and precut Dynafit skins. All this set needs is unwrapping and adjusting (to your boot and ability) and it's ready to go touring. These mid-fat skis are light, full wood core, with a full ABS sidewall and lightly rockered tip and tail for ease of turning. Skins are trimmed and attach easily to the tip and tail using Dynafit’s Speedskin system. The Seven Summits+ Ski Set is a friendly pre-assembled ski set-up for those looking for an easy first step into the world of ski touring and backcountry skiing.

Seven Summits+ Ski

  • Poplar wood core for an even, smooth flex.
  • Full ABS sidewall for durability and edge hold.
  • Rockered tip and lightly rockered tail increase maneuverability from turn to turn.
  • Pre-mounted with Dynafit ST Radical bindings for an easy out of the box setup.

Seven Summits+ Skin

  • Speedskin system uses a rubber tip and metal tail hook for reliability.
  • Mix skin (70% mohair 30% nylon) for good glide and durability.
  • Pre-cut skins match the shape of your ski; no trimming required.

ST Radical Long Travel Binding

  • 2 easy to use risers heights plus flat mode make the climb that much more enjoyable.
  • 50mm of adjustment allows for different boots to work with the bindings.
  • Step-in towers guide your boot into the toe.
Length Sole Length
158cm 264-314mm
166cm 274-324mm
174cm 284-334mm
182cm 294-344mm

Please Note: The bindings must be adjusted for your size, ability, and boot sole length before skiing. Please visit a ski shop if you are unsure how to do this.

Update 2022/23: Along with designing a new topsheet, Dynafit tweaked the sole length ranges.

Lengths (cm) 158, 166, 174, 182
convert to ounces
1845g [158]
1890g [166]
1990g [174]
2115g [182]
Weight (pair) 3690g [158]
3780g [166]
3980g [174]
4230g [182]
Dimensions   113-83-102 [158]
114-84-103 [166]
114-84-103 [174]
118-86-107 [182]
Turn Radius   17m [158]
18.5m [166]
20m [174]
21.5m [182]
Skin Fix   Dynafit Speedskin
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot
Shape   Tapered tip and tail, medium sidecut
Construction   Full ABS sidewalls and carbon stringers
Core   Poplar wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage General touring, or uphill laps at your local resort
Notes Weight includes bindings
Bottom Line Performance package out of the box: unwrap and ski!
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Eric
Advanced alpine skier looking for a first BC pair for two purposes: Doing laps at a resort for exercise and taking on a mountaineering trip up Baker in Washington in the spring. 5'11", 170 lbs. Would this be a good pair for these purposes? Otherwise on Solomon QST 98s and Nordica Enforcer 110s for in-bounds off piste skiing.
Thanks. Opinions on length and binding? Open to other suggestions too.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Eric, the Seven Summits+ Set here would be a good setup for fitness laps and would hold up to skiing volcanoes, too! The 174cm length would be most appropriate for you. These come with Dynafit's Radical ST binding, which is a great all around binding with plenty of features. Please feel free to reach out to if you have further questions or want to discuss other options!
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Question from Phil
I would like to know if this binding will be compatible with Arcteryx Procline Carbon boots.
Thank you,
Answer from Niko M
Hi Phil! They are yes. The Proclines are compatible with all tech-specific bindings. Thanks!
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Question from jeremy
would this setup work with a scarp f1 boot? or can it only be used with dynafit boots. the scarpa is a 25.5 mondo
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jeremy, this setup will work with any tech binding compatible boot, including the Scarpa F1! The 25.5 F1 has a BSL of 289mm, so that'll work with all sizes of this ski except for the 182cm.
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Question from Vin
Hi. I’m a long time hardboot splitboarder thinking of converting to the twin planked dark side. No alpine skiing experience, just intermediate Nordic skate and classic experience.

So for a 5’7”, 125 lb beginner skiing volcanos and peaks in the PNW, would you recommend these skis, and if so in what length?

I currently splitboard in a pair of unmodified original Scarpa Aliens (not carbon), and would like to use them with this setup if that boot isn’t too underpowered for these skis. Thanks in advance!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Vin. This would be a good ski for a beginner skier! If you want the most forgiving size, go with the 158. If you want a ski that you can grow into, the 166 would be the best option.
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Question from jack
In reference to the Dynafit Seven Summits package, I am 5'11"
tall and 185 lbs. Intermediate skier, not aggressive. Which length do you recommend? I'm looking at the 166cm but 174 may be a better choice.
Answer from Jeff
Jack, For your size, I would definitely go with the 174cm. This is a narrower All-mountain style ski. That's still a relatively short and maneuverable ski for you.
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Question from Mark
I'm interested in the 174 ski which lists the max sole length at 329mm. Could the bindings mount be moved to accept a 334mm sole length? Is that a bad idea?
(I have a larger foot size, Mondo 30.5). I'm not sure I want to go to length of the 182 ski just to get the longer sole length. Also, I realize if I invest in new 30.5 boots, some would fit under the 329mm.
Answer from Jeff
Mark, Yes, Skimo could remount the heel piece to accommodate a longer BSL.
But Skimo is out of the 174cm length. If you are tall and big as your size 30.5 feet, maybe the 182cm is the ski for you? You can email us at to discuss.
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Question from Scott
I'm 188cm tall and weigh 89kg. I live in Colorado, I'm an advanced intermediate Nordic and alpine skier (more Nordic than alpine), but have never tried backcountry touring. What size would you recommend with this ski set? Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Hey Scott, if you value flotation and stability, go with the 182. If you want something that emphasizes maneuverability in tight places, go with the 174.
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Question from Danny
Im 6ft think the 166cm is to short..using mostly for uphill laps ..I have skimo friends on 160 skis ??
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Danny. While sizing is personal, for most recreational purposes, 166cm would be on the shorter size for your height. The 174cm would offer a good balance between stability, flotation, without being overly cumbersome on the up. If you want to go with a shorter length (160-166), it may be worth looking at a more specialized (e.g. skimo) setup.
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Question from Alex
Hi there,
I'm looking for my first AT set-up for use in the front range of CO. I'm primarily a xc skier looking to get out on steeper backcountry terrain for longer tours. I'm 5'7" 130lbs. and not an aggressive skier. I'd like a good amount of control and light weight for climbs. I've considered the Black Diamond Helio 95 and other similar widths models, but the convenience of the seven summits setup is so appealing. I keep coming back to them. I'd probably go with the 158cm length and be pairing it with a hoji pro or radical boot. Do you think the narrower underfoot width would provide enough float for a beginner like myself to feel stable and in control? Thanks for any help you can provide!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Alex,

85ish underfoot will be a total blast in most conditions! On the deepest days, you may be wishing for some additional waist width. However, The Seven Summits Ski Set will be great come spring. The convenience of this set is pretty awesome. Based on your height, I would go with the 166cm length.

If you have further questions on bindings, skis, or boots, feel free to reach out to, or fill our a boot fitter / binding finder!
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Frank McMahon (used product a few times)
1st time skier this season. Long time snowboarder since the late 90's. A friend convinced me to AT ski this year and I dove in with this setup and Dynafit Radical Pro's. I've been on the resort mountain twice this year and in my first run I was linking S turns together no problem. I'm 5'7" @ 185lbs (muscular build) and the 166's turn on a dime. Such a different experience from my Burton Custom 158 which I love carving on, but it's definitely more work to turn sharply / change edges in steep stuff. Not bad for using them inbounds on tore up, bumpy runs. I was able to hit some powder stashes and with some slight weight transfer to the read I glided right through it. The skinning capability of the ski setup is awesome. Much more efficient then snowshoes. I like these skis, skins and bindings that were delivered ready to ski. Great way to break into the AT world. Thank you Dynafit and Skimo!
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Question from Franco Solleza
I've been long time watching for any reviews about this product and would be great to have some detailed insight. Background: I'm looking at this as my first set of BC skis. 5' 6" (167.5ish cm), between 145 - 155 lbs depending on how the winter went. I'm not an aggressive skier. I care about weight but not THAT much - I want to enjoy my downs as well. I'm hoping to stick with one set for short tours, long tours, hut-to-huts, etc. when I get there. Skiing in the North East.

I've been debating between these and getting a package with something like the Voile Objectives (maybe the BC since those seem "more versatile"?). The Objectives are lighter, apparently ski well, and seem to have the ideal length: 164. These are heavier, 2cm longer (does that matter?) and comes with everything I need (minus the boots).

Thoughts on the matter?
Answer from Jeff
Franco, This package is an easy buy to get started. This ski is a bit heavier, but will handle NE conditions better than an ultralight ski. They have full sidewalls and a beefier poplar wood core.
Length - 2cm is less than 1 inch, not a significant difference.
The Objective is a popular ski in the NE and if you ski low angle, rolling terrain, the BC version is handier than skins. If you pair with a light, brakeless binding then you will have a much lighter package. If you wish to discuss this in detail, email us at
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Question from Barry Anspach
Concerning the The Dynafit Seven Summits+ Ski Set:

Your chart indicates the (184cm) pair weigh 3064g. Is this total weight with bindings or without? (Your notes indicate to add an extra 550g for the pre-mounted bindings, but this seems way too heavy)
Answer from Will M
Hey Barry,

Great question! So the skis alone weigh in at 3064g but the bindings are an additional 1062g per pair. Thanks for reaching out!
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