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Dynafit Speed 76 Ski

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When it comes to ski mountaineering and alpinism, if the Europeans are doing it, it won't be long before the rest of the skimo world is doing the exact same thing. For many years, the Euros have been zipping up and down their glaciers and peaks in funny Lycra suits, drinking good coffee and eating even better cheese, perfecting the art of the skimo ski. The Speed 76 ski from Dynafit is for folks who love to ski in steep and technical terrain, and who rack up thousands of feet before work on a weekday. Packed with lightweight tech that the good folks at Dynafit have mastered, the Speed 76 has all the nifty tricks you'll need for a full season (probably a few seasons, actually) of fun, aggressive skiing. Besides, if the Europeans are doing it, it must be cool, right? The answer is "yes, if it's yellow".

  • With each length of the ski hovering around a kilogram, the Speed 76 is high powered in general, but especially for the weight.
  • Tip dampening and stability provided by the 3D Tech tip, which absorbs vibrations when you have to throw on the brakes in hard, icy conditions.
  • Dynafit provides a consistent and reliable shaping of the ski with their Single Radius to guarantee enjoyable turns for the life of the ski.
  • 3D Tech thins out the tip and tail of the ski, while underfoot in the mounting area the ski remains standard thickness, reducing weight and and improving handling.
  • Full Micro Sidewall runs the whole length of the ski, keeping weight and thickness of the ski low while still providing the strength and power transmission that a full sidewall offers.
  • Metal tip and tail skin attachment points provide a reliable fixation of skin to ski, and protect the soft parts of the ski when you forget to close to roof rack on your Subaru and they fly off halfway down the block.
Lengths (cm) 158, 167, 176
convert to ounces
1020g [158]
1090g [167]
1150g [176]
Weight (pair) 2040g [158]
2180g [167]
2300g [176]
Dimensions   112-75-99 [158]
113-76-100 [167]
114-77-101 [176]
Turn Radius   15.0m [158]
17.0m [167]
18.5m [176]
Skin Fix   Dynafit Speedskin fix
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   3D tip, slight rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Single radius sidecut
Construction   Full micro sidewall with carbon-glass fiber and aluminium
Core   Paulwonia Speed Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring, steep skiing
Notes Replaces the Broad Peak ski
Bottom Line Reliable companion for mountain missions
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Model: Speed 76

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