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Zach W

Zach W




5' 8"


150 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

My Skiing

If you need heavier skis you should be skiing better snow

Recent Posts

Hi Henry, it is the generation that is listed on this page. Hope that helps.
How effective is this relative to hot waxing your skins?
The Alp Tracks are such a wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, delightful ski. They are damper than everything but Trab and Aski (equal to those; maybe slightly less damp than Aski). They are empowering at speed while still being easy to manipulate. They are equally adept at carving corn as bouncing through 18" of Utah pow. I don't know why, but my skiing comes alive on these skis - I'm more agile, I whip around trees, get deep into big pow arcs, etc. And lastly, having an about-1kg ski in the quiver is really...
Haha nice to see you guys add these. I was in the Voile store and found out these were a thing. Work well enough, especially for non-load-bearing fixes. I'm specifically thinking about skin failures. They are a little bit more finicky than normal size straps but still bomber and crank down well.
These are good poles. I got +10cm of my normal size and they work great. I have no need for adjustable poles. One nice attention to detail is the opening in the cap so you can add a strap, but I've never done it. Another plus is that I've never had a problem with the powder baskets. I carry an extra but kind of don't think I need to. I concur with the flaws other reviewers have noted: - Icing on grips when putting them in the snow. When booting, especially if you're using your poles for leverage (e.g., w...

Trip Reports

Mount Tukuhnikivatz - North Face

Do I get to write a trip report if we skied the NE face instead of the N? We skied Little Tuk first and scouted the N face, but it looked heinously windswept and icy whereas NE held what looked like creamy pow, so we decided to ski that instead. The N Face looks like an incredible line if ...


2000 ft of perfect-grade, fall-line skiing with beautiful rock and fun-but-maneuverable chokes? Very fun. Only downside is that it's a bit tedious to get out of. I suppose you could ascend straight back up the line, but it seems the standard is to go around to East Pass between Red Top and...

Mt Superior - South Face

We headed up to ski the south face on what we thought might be one of the last great powder days of the season. The uptrack is a ton of fun - a good skin and then a very fun bootpack on the ridge. The first sight of Superior as you crest Cardiff Pk is absolutely breathtaking, and the sun r...

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