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The redesigned Backland UL 78 is the culmination of years of Atomic working to perfect the tech that goes into a good lightweight ski. Tracing its roots to freeride and skimo racing skis, the 78mm-wide mountaineering ski incorporates all the unique Atomic tech that we love while staying light and responsive. This updated model features the popular HRZN Tech tip, which offers advanced float and steering in powder while simultaneously trading "grabbiness" for improved control and carving on harder snow. The core construction sandwiches the Ultra Light Woodcore between two sheets of carbon, which helps the ski respond quickly and snappily. When asked to give one word to describe the Backland UL 78, Skimo Co technician Tim said "obedient". He then went on to give many, many more words to describe this ski because Tim is, in fact, not as obedient as the Atomic Backland UL 78.

  • The core is constructed from Ultra Light Woodcore and is Carbon Powered, creating a light and snappy ski that goes up and down equally well.
  • HRZN Tech tip allows you to turn sharply, skin in deep snow, and ski fast without fear of going head over tea kettle.
  • With Directional Shape and Atomic's pronounced tip rocker, the Backland UL 78 is more stable and compliant than ever.
  • Capped sidewall complements the narrow waist and stiff core while helping to transfer power efficiently to the edges.

Lengths (cm) 149, 156, 163, 170, 177
convert to ounces
835g [156]
865g [163]
900g [170]
965g [177]
Weight (pair) 1670g [156]
1730g [163]
1800g [170]
1930g [177]
Dimensions   110-79-99 [156]
111-79-100 [163]
112-79-101 [170]
113-79-102 [177]
Turn Radius   11.9m [149]
13.6m [156]
15.5m [163]
17.5m [170]
19.5m [177]
Skin Fix   Race notches, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   15% rocker, 85% camber
Shape   Directional, medium radius shape with spoon tips
Construction   Cap Sidewall
Core   Ultra Light Woodcore
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, fitness laps
Notes A fantastic ski mountaineering ski just got an upgrade
Bottom Line Light and compliant with impressive flex pattern
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Questions & Reviews

Kristian Woyna (used product regularly)
Excellent, comfortable, and fun for fast light Spring tours covering longer distances. Paired with Atomic Backland Ultimates. And surprisingly good control on the down.
Comment on this review:

Question from Tom Liby
Hey guys...in your opinion what is the superior ski. Salomon X Alp or the updated Atomic UL 78? I always value your shops inputs.
Answer from Patrick C

Both are fantastic, neither is superior to the other is the short answer. The UL 78 may be a bit happier in hard packed conditions with it's tighter turning radius and 85% rocker profile. The X-Alp has a slightly wider shovel, which will stay afloat better if you find yourself in the good stuff. Your skiing style may be what tips the scales as you have picked two very well matched skis in terms of popularity amongst the staff and performance on snow. You really can't go wrong either way!
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Question from David W Farrell
I'm torn between the Backland UL 78 and the Hagan Ultra 77. Which is a better all-around ski in your opinion? I'll be using them mainly for fast and light touring, but I do love to take little pow shots here and there on descents. Thanks!
Answer from eric
David- Both skis are great all around skis. The Atomic is a bit easier to ski and livelier, where the Hagan is a more damp ski and bit more powerful. Both have enough shovel for floating in powder.
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Question from GlidingJerry
I plan to use such skis with Atomic backland Ultimate boots and mostly for fitness around Grizzly Gulch and areas alike, but maybe some long spring missions. I am 5'6'' and a strong intermediate. What length do you recommend? 163 or 170?
Answer from Cole P
Gliding Jerry, I would recommend going to the 156cm length. If you are looking for a fitness ski at your level of experience the 156cm length will be a more appropriate size for you.
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Question from Phil
I'm wondering what the weights are for the 170 and 177s?
Answer from Julieana
Hi Phil, I've weighed the pairs that we have in the shop and updated the weight specifications above accordingly. However we won't be able to verify those specifications until we get a few more pairs in.
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Model: Backland UL 78 MPN: AA0028170

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