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With the multitude of options for rappel devices, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what makes a device ideal for ski mountaineering purposes. In our eyes, a device has to be lightweight, functional, durable, and handle the skinny ropes often used on ski mountaineering objectives. Edelrid accomplished this with the Nano Jul device. Coming in at minimal weight, the Nano Jul is designed primarily for ropes between 7.1mm and 8.9mm thick, which hits the sweet spot for most ski mountaineering-oriented ropes. The grooved geometry allows for confident braking on rappels while you can belay someone via traditional or "guide" configurations. Unlike other devices, the Nano Jul is made with stainless steel, meaning it will stand up to multiple rappels, even in grittier environments. Simple, durable, and reliable, the Edelrid Nano Jul makes a great pairing when skis and ropes are on the docket.

  • Designed for 7.1-8.9mm ropes, hitting the sweet spot for many ski mountaineering ropes.
  • Multiple belay options allow you to confidently deal with the situation at hand.
  • Excellent braking capabilities thanks to smaller diameter openings.
  • Made from burly and shiny stainless steel.

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