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Edelrid Rap Line Protect Pro Dry Cord 6mm


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Improving upon the already excellent Rap Line II, the Rap Line Protect Pro Dry Cord is a ski mountaineer's dream, providing a weight-effective solution for tricky rappels. With its aramid and high-strength polyimide construction, weight is reduced over its forebear while cut resistance is increased when the rope is loaded. During day-to-day use, the rope has very low elongation values, making rappels and hauling equipment efficient and drama-free. However, should you find yourself in a situation that requires lead climbing to get out of a precarious situation, the dynamic safety reserve allows for two falls when using the rope in a twin configuration. The Rap Line Protect Pro Dry 6mm cord is a light and capable companion that comes to life during technical objectives.

  • Rated for two falls when used as a twin rope per the EN 892 standard.
  • Polyamide and aramid construction resist cuts and sharp edges while the rope is loaded.
  • Low elongation values are ideal for rappelling and hauling equipment.
  • 10 kN minimum breaking force means the rope is more than suitable for its intended application.
  • 3D Lap Coiling from the factory allows you to instantly use the rope without obnoxious tangles developing.
  • Absorbs less than 2% of its weight in water, far surpassing the UIAA standard.
  • Thermo Shield treatment keeps the rope supple for ease of use.
Grams per Meter 31g/m
convert to ounces
Length 60m or 70m
Strength Minimum breaking strength 10kN
Diameter 6mm
Specs Verified
Rope Style Rappel
UIAA Fall Rating Twin: 2 falls
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rappelling, glacier travel, mountaineering, crevasse rescue
Notes Pairs great with the Edelrid Mago 8
Bottom Line Strong, cut-resistant, and extremely resistant to water absorption

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Model: Rap Line Protect

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