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Nothing is worse than messing up a skin trim, turning your beautiful new climbing skins into strips of ragged plush. Elan is on a mission to prevent this unfortunate circumstance from occurring, and provide a quality precut skin that negates having to do any trimming at all! Built using the Pomoca Climb 2.0 skin, these skins are a 70-30 nylon mohair mix, providing an optimal blend of durability, glide, and as the name suggests, grip. The Ever Dry 3.0 treatment is perfluorocarbon (PFC) free and repels water, helping keep your skins from absorbing water, even on a warm Spring day. In case of wet conditions, a waterproof membrane is on hand to protect the skin glue from becoming contaminated, allowing you to keep moving toward your objective. If you want a quality skin that oozes with convenience, the Precut Skins from Elan is an obvious choice.

  • Excellent precut skin built for the Ripstick Tour 88, 94, and 104.
  • Pomoca Climb 2.0 provides excellent grip, glide, and durability to be a well-rounded climbing skin.
  • Ever Dry 3.0 Treatment provides a perfluorocarbon-free waterproofing treatment and keeps your plush from absorbing water.
  • SSL Membrance blocks water from contaminating the skin glue, helping keep the glue sticky and working as it should.
  • Metal tip hook and traditional Pomoca tail strap offer great durability and security.

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Model: Elan Pre Cut Skins

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