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Finally, a lighter touring version of Elan's beloved Ripsticks! The Ripstick Tour 94 has a nice wide shovel and generous sidecut to make you think you have machetes on your feet as you slice through everything from powder to punchy top layers. With a 360° ABS sidewall these skis are a powerful set of boards with plenty of rock-solid effective edge to keep control in tough conditions. Making turns is easy as pie (which can be surprisingly difficult to make by the way), with edge-to-edge rocker, also known as the Amphibio profile. This approach to ski construction helps you initiate and exit turns more easily while transferring power to your inside edge. Out-of-the-box thinking has also led to Elan's Carbon Bridge Technology. Imagine how having a carbon tube running the length of the ski would make for a stiff yet damp ride; that's the idea and the end result. Carbon deserves more carbon, so the construction also consists of 2 layers of carbon for torsional rigidity and more excuses to talk about carbon. Laying down tight turns in the backcountry is an amazing feeling, don't deny yourself a good time by taking a pass on these skis. Whether skiing powder, or volcanoes in spring, getting out on your Elan Ripstick Tour 94's is a wonderful thing.

  • Carbon Bridge Technology offers a smooth ride that absorbs vibration like Brawny absorbs spilled milk.
  • 360° pyramid-shaped ABS sidewall increases durability so you can ski just a bit further into the spring.
  • Carbon-reinforced laminate woodcore is torsionally stiff and light with a delightful underfoot feel.
  • Amphibio profile* offers easy turns all day to keep you looking smooth and feeling fresh.
  • Precut skins are available so you can hit the skin track as soon as you open the box.

* Amphibio means you will have a left and a right ski since they are turned up asymmetrically.

Update 2023/24: Same great ski, just a new topsheet!

Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1370g [164]
1435g [171]
1525g [178]
1550g [185]
Weight (pair) 2740g [164]
2870g [171]
3050g [178]
3100g [185]
Dimensions   129-94-109
Turn Radius   12.0 [157]
13.7 [164]
15.6 [171]
17.4 [178]
19.4 [185]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Amphibio asymmetrical rocker edge to edge
Shape   Tapered tip and tail
Construction   Carbon bridge technology, 360° sidewall
Core   Laminated woodcore with carbon reinforcement
Skimo Co Says
Usage Everyday touring from tight trees to open bowls
Notes Asymmetric rocker cuts through just about anything
Bottom Line Backcountry ripper for carving lovers
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Alex
I am searching for a Colorado spring ski. I tend to like heavier, more aggressive touring skis, and have two pairs of skis specifically for Colorado mid-winter conditions (breakable, powder, etc). Really, I need something that can ski firm chalk and corn and will survive in powder. Is this the ski? I want something a little heavier than a standard mountaineering ski (maybe 1500g/ski). I was looking at the Dynastar M-Tour 99 but it seems like the effective edge might be a little bit short for steep edging. Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Alex,

This would be a solid choice! It would be a lot of fun on corn and firmer snow. It is a turnier ski with a decent amount of sidecut. By comparison, the M-Tour 99 is a bit straighter and has a more rockered tip which will perform better in powder. I think both might be good options for you - the Dynastar M-Tour 99 is frequently used by steep skiing legend Vivian Bruchez on incredibly steep descents around the world, so I wouldn't say it's lacking in capability in those environments! The rockered tip is complemented by camber underfoot and a flat tail, which work quite well for steep skiing.
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Question from Brian
I am an beginner towards intermediate telemarker, looking for a lighter ski for going up, with still some downhill capabilities. These seem to hit the sweet spot for me...but are these suitable for mounting 78mm tele bindings?
Answer from Jeff
The Elans shouldn't have a problem being mounted with Tele bindings.
The Ripsticks actually are very good on the down and fun to ski. Will be a good choice.
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Question from Travis
Would this ski be too much for the Zero G Peak Carbon? I know waist width is often bandied about as a limiting factor for 1 kilo boots, but what about weight?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Travis!
Although reaching towards the upper end of the general limits of the Zero G Peak Carbon, I think the two would make for a fine pair. The Zero G Peak Carbons punch far above their weight class, and in favorable snow conditions, they can drive bigger skis than expected. Regardless, both the weight and waist width do play a factor, but in this case, I think the Zero G Peaks could drive these skis well. Thanks!
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Question from Jon
Whats the tip to tail measurement on the 185s?
Answer from Jeff
Jon, measured along the base, they are 183cm. If they had a pointed tip, would be 185cm.
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Are the ski weights actuals?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jonathan, yes we weighed several pair of each length.
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Comment from Eric S
From the photos, it appears these skis have no tail notch.
Yet the "non-tour" Ripsticks do. That's completely bizarre.
Reply from Eric S
Never mind.. the pictures on the Elan web site seem to indicate a subtle notch. Phew!
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