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The Pomoca Climb 2.0 formula focuses on savings of both the weight and cash varieties. Pomoca uses a short nap on its Safer Skin Light backing, making for an extremely lightweight and packable skin. They also shaved a few dollars off the price by skipping the S-Glide treatment, making this skin perfect for folks who like to step up the hill without sliding backward and who aren't concerned with much else. For folks concerned with glide, it depends on the grade of the climb whether the weight savings override the increase in friction. Everyone will appreciate having some bright yellow skins in their life, plus it never hurt to save a few bucks. Buy the Pomoca Climb 2.0 skins if you want to climb 2 the top of all the best backcountry runs with minimal cost and maximum grip.

  • Safer Skin Light backing formula is thin yet waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • Ever Dry 2.0 treatment repels water, ensuring the skin starts and finishes light.
  • Click Lock tip system lets you swap the metal brackets to fit different tip shapes.
  • Kits include a skin bag and amazingly easy-to-use edge trimmer.
  • Simple adjustable tail clips lock into slots on a sturdy elastic strap.

Update 2020/21: The Climb 2.0 skins now have redesigned Click Lock tip attachments and tail hooks that enhance durability. The skins have the same climbing prowess and amazing glue while coming packaged in a cool new zippered case.

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Questions & Reviews

Talmage B (used product regularly)
The Pomona Climb 2.0 are a great skin. The glide properties are solid. It packs well, and the mohair is very grippy. I've broken trail, walked on refrozen crust, slush, roads, and steep Wasatch skinners.
The durability is also quite high, Ive even done a little dry skinning with it (don't judge me, it was like 3 steps) and there have been very few signs of damage.
My only complaints would be that the glue can be weird in upper temperature ranges 35-40 ish degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be very hard to pull the skins in lower temperatures (under 30 degrees Fahrenheit). I would also say to make sure that you don't pull the skins apart by the tip attachment since it's not amazingly strong. Overall a solid choice at a more affordable price than the Glide S pro or Free.
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Question from Ana
Hi which size( width and length) should o get for a pair of Dps pagoda 100 rp 155 cm
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Ana,

I'd get the 120mm width, 145-160 length!
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Question from Sam
Does Pomoca still make 110mm width skins? Would the 120m wide skins' tip attachment work for Backland 107s that have a 107mm waist, 136mm wide tip?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Sam,

We don't have any 110mm Pomoca skins, but the 120mm width would be rather perfect for the Backland 107. Typically you want to match the skin to the width of the tail, minus a few millimeters for the edge. With the 107, this lands us just about squarely on 120mm as an ideal skin width.
Answer from Sam O
Thanks Carlos. If I'm skiing a 175cm length ski length which would be the ideal set up. Medium or Large? I'd imagine I can get more skin on the tail with the Large? This is similar to the Q below.
Answer from Carlos M
I would go with the medium, personally, for that length of ski. With decent skinning technique, extra grip isn't necessary, but glide is priceless :)

Ultimately it just comes down to which way you want to optimize, glide or grip. More coverage = more grip. I have owned two skis in the 177-179cm length range that I've used Pomocas with, and have put the medium length on both.
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Question from Olivia
Could you tell me the skin length M & L. (from tip buckle to end of skin. excluding tail strap)
My ski length is 177cm. I've read through almost comments and understand size M(165-180cm) will be fine.
But if I feel it’s short for me, I will go with the size L(175-190cm).
It’s better to decide by comparing the lengths of the skin for me.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Olivia,

The actual plush on the size M (165-180cm) measures 156cm from the plastic tip fix to the end of the plush. The L (175-190cm) plush measures 166cm.
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Question from Ben Falk
Do these still sink like perfume? Honestly, i'm sensitive to fragrances and would avoid if so. Thank for letting me know. I have an older yellow pamoca pair i love and they never stunk.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ben, some of them still do. We're making an effort to remove them as we ship, though!
Answer from Ben F
thanks! good to know.. ordered the DPS one's which hopefully don't have much of a chemical scent to em.
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, that works if you find the right size...those are pre-trimmed to DPS skis. FYI you can get fragrance-free Pomoca trim-to-fit skins labeled Voile HyperGlide.
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Question from Robert
Is it true that the Pomoco skins smell like perfume? Do you get many complaints about this?
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, fun topic! Pomoca inserted a packet into their boxes to give you a fresh "mountain" scent when opening up your new skins. Well, I guess it gave some folks a headache instead. We went through all our skins and tossed those packets in the garbage lol.
Answer from Kyle W
I am sitting here next to a set of these skins I bought today. On another site, I even read an "all caps" rant by an old man complaining about the scent, thought he was off his rocker.

It really was a thoughtful and nice idea. I think the perfume actually stained the skin travel pouch, and I am not sure I can handle this smell. Let alone inside my jacket.
Answer from Brendan T
Buy the skins, throw out the perfume packet. The smell will go away assuming you take the skins out in the snow where they belong. :)
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Question from James
I accidentally bought and cut the 140 mm Climb 2.0 skins for a pair of skis that are 122mm at their widest on the nose, and the buckle sits down too far on the ski (to the point that the plastic parts affect the glide). Should I buy the 105 Click Lock Kit to fix the issue -- or is there a larger size up? Thanks.
Answer from Teddy Young
I think the best option in this case is to buy a pair of Contour Vario Buckles! We have them in a variety of width options on our Contour Skin Parts page. You can measure the ski width in the position you'd like to have the tip buckle located, and choose that width Vario Buckle.

If you already have the Pomoca plastic tip installed, you can just click the existing buckle out and click the new Contour buckle in.
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Denali (used product regularly)
These skins have a very strong synthetic perfume smell. If you are sensitive to smells, I would avoid purchasing these as the smell transfers to other gear and does not air out, after several uses.
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Question from Claire Aiello
Hey! I have K2 Mindbender 106C Alliance skis in length 175, tail width is 124 mm. Would the 120 mm x 165-180 cm be the best choice?
Could I also use the 140 mm x 165-180 cm (and have more excess when trimming)?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Claire,

The 120mm x 165-180cm would be a great fit. Although the 140mm would provide more contact throughout the nose of the ski, the increase in performance would be negligible. Thanks!
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Calvin E (used product regularly)
Like others have said, these Pomoca skins seem to be the best around. I've tried many other brands, but come to the same conclusion. They are not overly burley, yet they aren't fragile either. They are easy to fold and put away. The glue has the right amount of adhesion. The only time my Pomoca's have left glue on the ski, was when the ski was too warm to start with - don't skin up in the house, let them cool first. If some glue does remain, coconut oil is the best I've found to remove it. I have two sets I've been using on Voile Vector BC skis - the skins have been secure even on the scaled traction base. Even though I've sized these only to the ski waist width (not the tail), I've never slipped on a traversing uptrack - saves a bit of weight, and no trimming needed!
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Question from Wyatt
Hi there - I have a pair of Rustler 10's (133-102-122) that are 180cm in length.

As my ski length is smack in the middle of two sizes (165-180 and 175-190), I'm hoping you can recommend which size I should go with?

Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Wyatt, I would go with the 175-190s!
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Question from David
Hello, I am looking at the Pomoca Climb 2.O skin for my K2 Reckoner 112. I am wondering if you could help me with what width to get. the Tip is 136 and tail 127. Should I go with the 140 mm width or the 120mm?

Answer from jbo
Hi David, while 120 would be sufficient in most conditions, 140mm would be full coverage and the safer bet.
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Jordan D (downright abused product)
Best skins I've used, despite not really having a strong opinion on skins prior to this.

I did hate them for the first 10ish days as the glue was furiously bonded to my ski base, but when that subsided they became my little yellow buddies.

Thinner, lighter, tougher, glidier than my friends' skins -- even other mohair mix skins. I very much like the tip attachment and even through the puddles, slop, ice and pine needles they've never shown any sign of failing
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Question from Jack
I have a pair of Black Dimond Helio 95's They are 176cm as i am right in between the sizes what do you think would be the best for these skis. Or would another Skin work better for these skis?
Answer from Zak M
Hey jack, I think these skins would be a good pairing with the Helio 95 and would go with the 120mm x 165-180cm version. Let us know if you have any more questions!
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Question from Adam F
I finally got my hands on a DPS Lotus 138, 192cm and it's time to skin up. I'm a big fan of Pamoca Pro skins but open the right fit. What would you recommend for the proper setup?
Answer from Cole P
Hello Adam, the Climb 2.0 skins would work great for those! I usually go off of tail width to determine which skin width to purchase. Looks like the 138's are 140mm at the tail which the 140mm x 185-200 would be a great option.
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Matt (used product a few times)
After using these just a few times, I’m totally converted and plan to switch over my other setup to pomoca as well.

PLUSH: Works great. No issues with grip or durability yet. Seems to shed water and stay dry all day.

GLUE: The best glue I’ve used. Sticky, not gooey. Easy to pull apart. No issues with snow creep.

Cutting tool: the best in the game

Zipper case: totally useless. Will repurpose for use around the house I think. They do come with a small bag which I think will see more use.

TIP/TAIL attachments: not my favorite, but they get the job done for now. I look forward to building a set for my Fischer hannibals and recycling my old g3 tip/tail attachments. Think this will be rad
Reply from jbo
Thanks for the feedback, Matt. FYI you can get the material off the roll if you prefer other tips and tails.
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Question from Keegan B
I'm thinking about putting a set of these on my Icelantic Nomad 115's, is there a different kind of clip on the back since they're twins? Or will the clip that comes with it hold on ok?
Answer from Will McD
Hey Keegan,
The clip it comes with will work okay, but isn't ideal. Because the glue is what holds the skin in place I wouldn't be worried if the tail clip does happen to slip in the field. Pomoca does make a Twin Tip Tail Hook but unfortunately, we are out of stock at the moment. If you'd like, you can send us an email to and we can set you up to get an email notification as soon as they arrive.
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Question from Stephanie Gelfan
I need new skins for my Rossignol sky 7 twin tips, length 164cm. Would these work? Obviously, I would be cutting the sides down, but my concern is would the clip stay put on the back? If not these skins, what would you recommend? I am in the northeast, so we are not talking much deep powder.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Stephanie. These are a great skin for those looking for great all-around performance in varying conditions. For the Sky 7, the 120 x 155-170cm would be the best option. You shouldn't have an issue with the Pomoca tail clip on the tail of the Sky 7. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Neil B (downright abused product)
I bought these to pair with my Movement RP 85's, as the skins that come with those skis do not hold up very long when breaking trail and multiple laps. Therefore, I wanted something with tail clips to help keep them secure on the ski during such days. Glad I picked these up, they have held up during all sorta conditions and climb really well. I recommend grabbing a pair!
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Question from Dan
I recently got a pair of jskis hotshot skis. 189 length. Dimensions are 134-106-124. Would the 140 size XL work for these skis? Really difficult to find these skins! But looks like those are available from one vendor. Thanks!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Dan, yes that size should work just fine for you.
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