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Money, performance, power. While this may sound like the intro to your favorite rap song (or any rap song, really), this is in fact an introduction to a ski boot. And as fortune would have it, a ski boot that is relatively easy on the wallet while still providing exceptional performance and power. As you’ve probably surmised at this point, we are speaking about the Fischer Transalp TS. As with its sibling, the Transalp TS is built to not hold you back on the climb so that you can focus on the down. However, the Transalp TS is built with a TPU plastic, which means that while you will be carrying a little extra heft to the top, your bank account will temporarily be carrying a few more zeroes as well. The Fischer Transalp TS won't let you down, but the money you save might. After all, "mo' money, mo' problems."

  • Power Buckle System and preformed liner help dial in the fit.
  • Double Lock Ski/Walk mechanism is really hard to say five times fast, and also provides secure locking for performance on the down.
  • Full Rubber Sole helps provide grip, no matter whether hiking for snow or doing an icy ridge.
  • Adjustable Forward Lean so everyone can be happy.
  • Original Dynafit Inserts provide a seamless interface with your binding.

Update 2023/24: Fischer updated the color scheme to keep with the times.

convert to ounces
1428g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2856g [27.5]
Buckles   2 + power strap
Boot Sole Length   264mm [23.5]
274mm [24.5]
284mm [25.5]
294mm [26.5]
304mm [27.5]
314mm [28/28.5]
324mm [29/29.5]
334mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   80°
Forward Lean(s)   14°, 17°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   PU Plastic
Liner   Moldable - Active Fit Zone - Liner
Sole   Full rubber sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage Freetouring
Notes Double lock Ski/Walk mechanism
Bottom Line Built with the emphasis on the down, while remaining lightweight
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Questions & Reviews

David Stone (downright abused product)
I like the boots so much I bought them twice. I use them for my powder skis which have turned into my daily driver (Moment Death Wish Tour). I ski them on resorts, backcountry tours, and did 130miles of the SHR in April 2023. So I feel this review holds some weight.

My shoe size is 11.5 with normal arch and average width foot. I bought the 28.5 and haven’t needed to adjust them.

- cost
- great cuff rotation
- stiff enough to drive my Moment DWTs at 112 at the waist

- weight
- durability with heavy prolonged use

I recommend:
- If you want affordable boots
- getting into backcountry skiing that can drive both powder skis and tour skis in the “all around” category. It’s a great entry level boot
- I find these boots very comfortable and walk mode is dreamy for its weight and stiffness. I did 130miles in them… my feet were completely happy the entire time.

I don’t recommend:
- using them for long distance ski tours with any ski wider than 100mm. For some stupid reason I decided to ski tour the SHR with my 112mm DWTs, and both boots cracked open on the big toe area on top during day 6 due to the torque needed to keep my skis on edge while traversing slopes.
- Using them as a dedicated powder boot. The boots come it at 6lbs for the pair. If you want a boot dedicated at driving bigger/heavier skis at the same weight SKIMO.CO has a boot category for that.

It’s a good overall boot. Not too heavy, not too light for a great price. I think they are stiffer than a Scarpa F1. I feel those are considered one of the best all around touring boot, but I don’t think I would use them for a heavy ski set up… the Fischer boots are able to drive skis at 112mm no issues.
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Question from Christian
Hi, I have this boots, sizing 27.5, I will like to know if I can replace the liners? And any suggestions?
Answer from Jeff
Christian, Yes, you can change if needed. Choice depends on your needs and reason to change. Try us at for assistance.
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Question from Gary
What is the spec difference between this boot and Transalp Pro? I see the Pro is lighter but I see no stiffness rating for either boot. Is the fit the same? Thanks!
Answer from Cole P
Hello Gary thanks for reaching out. The main two differences between the boots are the materials used in the shell and the liners. In the Transalp Pro, Fischer uses Pebax and adds a thicker, higher-performing liner. The TS version is constructed out of heavier PU and adds a more accommodating liner. Both seem to feel equally stiff when trying them on here at the shop.
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