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It seems that boots break at the most inopportune times. If you’ve wandered to this page, it seems like you’d agree. Thankfully, broken boots can often be snatched from death's grasp and made anew. On this page, you’ll find replacement parts for Travers and Transalp boots. Please note all parts are sold individually unless otherwise stated.

  • BOA Dial and Cable - This is the BOA dial and lace for all sizes of Travers boots.
  • BOA Base and Screws - This includes the BOA housing and screws to attach said housing.
  • Travers Ski/Walk Mechanism, Long - This is the Ski/Walk Mechanism for 23.5-30.5 Travers boots.
  • Transalp Shell Buckle - This is the cable buckle found on the lower shell. These are size and side specific.
  • Transalp Ski/Walk Mechanism - This is compatible with all sizes of Transalp boots.
  • Transalp Cuff Buckle - These are side specific and made for the cuff of Transalp boots.

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