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G3 Pole Parts

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Eli Whitney has long been credited with the popularization of interchangeable and replaceable parts, an idea that’s been around since the late 1700’s. Thankfully, that lightbulb moment is still a technique being used today. Break a pole? Lose a basket? Our G3 pole parts listing should have you covered:

Grip Straps – Compatible with any G3 pole, these replaceable straps are sold in pairs and use a simple buckle-system to install on the pole and a slick adjustment system to tighten or loosen depending on personal preference weighs 18g each.

Powder Basket – Chances are good that if you ski in the backcountry, you ski a lot of powder. If you don’t ski a lot of powder, you might be doing it wrong. Replacement baskets found here. Weighs 20g each.

Flex Tips – The replacement tip for G3’s Via Carbon pole. Also known as a ferrule and weighs 16g each. 10.5mm inner diameter at the mouth.

Via Carbon Lower – Replacements for snapped carbon lowers. Available in either short or long depending on the length of your G3 Via Carbon pole. Long version weighs 118g each.

Via Aluminum Lower – Aluminum lowers for the Via poles that are interchangeable with the Carbon version. Available in short or long, depending on pole length.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Laurent
What type of screw is in the pole locking flicker? Thanks.
Answer from Cole P
Laurent, we do not have any G3 poles in the shop at this time, and to avoid any misinformation I ask you to email us at help@skimo.co. Once the poles are in the shop we can communicate via email.
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Scott (used product regularly)
The G3 powder baskets are.... eh... Kinda flexy. Not bad, but after a while it becomes hard to flip a radical heel rising with the basket even though that is how it is designed. Otherwise the shape is great and stops the plunging!
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Question from Dana L
Today the bottom portion of my Via Carbons snapped -- but they're long not short -- any chance you guys can get a hold of the long Via Carbon lower portion? Thanks!!
Answer from TSB
Hey Dana, sorry to hear that! Shoot us an email at help@skimo.co and we'll see what we can dig up for ya!
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Question from David R Otten
Does this basket screw on or push on?
Answer from Cole P
David, the basket does screw on. Usually you will need to push a bit to get the threads to bite.
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