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If you were to look up the definition of “Freeride Skiing” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you wouldn’t find anything, because such a definition doesn’t exist. If it did exist, however, we like to envision it being narrated in the voice of Sir David Attenborough as a waxing-poetic ode to the ultimate freedom that can only be obtained by ski touring. It was this same sense of freedom that guided Kohla in the development of their latest Freeride skin. By finding the right combination of mohair and nylon, Kohla has delivered a skin that is durable enough to handle morning after morning of fresh snow crystals scraping away at your plush while remaining lightweight with plenty of glide so you can sneak in that extra lap at the end of the day. The specially formulated Smart Glue that's easy to pull apart is equally at home on brutally cold mid-winter ascents as it is hunting for corn during springtime missions. The standard stainless-steel tip attachments come in two widths, with the ability to put on additional tip attachments designed to work with tip notches or prefabricated skin attachments, for the freedom to use on any type of ski. Keeping within the theme of reliability, Kohla sources high quality materials that can withstand the harsh conditions likely to be found on your next adventure. For a versatile mix skin that allows you to access freedom, however you define it, then the Freeride skin from Kohla should be on your shortlist.

  • Freeride Mohair mix combines nylon and mohair into a well-rounded, durable skin.
  • Rubber Fiber Seal Technology is 100% waterproof to protect your glue in wet conditions.
  • Smart Glue works down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit and remains easy to pull off skis in any conditions.
  • K-clip spring tail attachment is secure and easy to adjust on a perforated elastic strap.
  • Two stainless steel tip attachments (85mm and 110mm wide) included.
  • High-precision laser cut finish provides clean edges from the factory.
  • Fluorocarbon impregnation gives better glide out of the box.
  • Customizable fastening system works with a variety of different skis.
  • Made in Austria without the use of solvents.
Weight per skin (with backing) 310g [135mm x 170-176]

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Questions & Reviews

Ben (downright abused product)
I really like these skins. No skin is perfect but these are as good as any I've tried. Glide is excellent but only after they are broken in. Out of the box glide is poor. I have tried a lot of skins and haven't seen glide performance change over time like this in other skins. The glue is also very reliable in a wide range of temps. The attachments are not my favorite, the tip can rattle if its not very tight on the ski, and the tail is very difficult to adjust yet it gradually loosens on its own.
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Kam (used product regularly)
Pros: Packable, light, good glide. Excellent purple color and decent tip/tail system

Cons: Tails loosen over time. Glue is not as sticky as BD glue, however, I think that's mostly ok but means I have to baby them more in cold powder. Main issue is durability. I had one skin rip in half near the tip connector on the 3rd tour, not sure why. Kohla replaced without issue, so kudos on that. But the material is very thin and I can imagine it ripping again. Some spots have lost their plush in 1 season of use.

Still good skins, just not perfect.
Reply from Kam
another con: they are very expensive!
Reply from Kam
First tour of the season update: skin failure is guaranteed with these things in cold conditions. It was the same when they were new. I will be adding some gold label to the edges near tips and tails to prevent snow creep.

Skins have held up.
Reply from Kam
Okay, one season later and the replacement skins have failed in exactly the same way. I can repair, but it's still disappointing.

It's the same issue as found by this person:
Reply from Audra S
I agree, Kam, I am experiencing the same problems for my third season on these skins. I have already repaired once, with BD Gold Label glue. I had full slippage on a ski tour yesterday. Luckily, the tip and tail clips held as it would have been quite the climb to be boot packing. I am planning on re-gluing the skins again today. It is truly disappointing.
Reply from jbo
Hi Kam & Audra, just a heads up: Kohla is offering re-glues on the skins from the 2020/21 season as they later determined the adhesive was getting soaked into the backing. It's been more liberally applied since then.
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Question from Patrick
Would the 163-169cm work for a 171cm? Or, would it be too short?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Patrick. The skins run pretty true to size, so the 163-169cm would be a bit too short.
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Audra S (used product regularly)
These skins glide superbly while providing ample traction on steep, packed down skin tracks. As an added bonus, they are super light. I have noticed the material tends to fray along the edges. No surprise since one usually trades durability for lightweightedness. After trimming the skins to fit my ski width, I did carefully singe the newly cut edges with a lighter as directed in the user manual; however, I have to do some fray management after each ski. So far, I have not noticed any effect on the performance of the skin. The Smartglue is easy to use in both warm and cold weather conditions. In colder temps (~0 F), the skin glue was noticeably less adhesive. Once again, not really a surprise. They still stuck well enough to do multiple laps on multiple occasions. All in all a great skin!
Reply from Audra S
Update on this skin:
I can no longer give this skin 5 stars nor recommend purchasing these skins. The glue adhesion has been gradually declining; however, they completely quit working in the last week. Originally, only colder temps caused the adhesive to decrease in performance, now now the glue no longer sticks to my skis at all in cold, along with decreased performance in warmer temps (~20F). Today, I had snow build up between my one skin and ski to cause slippage causing the skin to move enough to lose full functionality. For the cost of this skin, I would expect the glue to hold up more than one full winter season. I started using these skins last January. If one enjoys changing their skin glue frequently, go ahead and buy these. If not, I would recommend trying a different one.
Reply from jbo
Hi Audra, it's worth noting that Kohla changed the smart glue application after the first season (2020/21) to make the skins stickier for longer. It appeared the glue was getting soaked into the rubber and not leaving as much on the surface after about a season. They also have been regluing skins under warranty which we can help you with. All of our current stock is from the updated batches.
Reply from Audra S
Update on skin/reply:

Thanks jbo for your response! Last winter, I re-glued my skins, with lots of help from my partner, since I wanted my skins to keep skiing the rest of winter. We used Black Diamond’s gold label adhesive. It seems to consistently be the best skin adhesive out there. If I have any more problems, I will contact you all about warranty, re-gluing options.
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