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Kohla Race Per CM

Brand: Kohla
Model: Evolution Race
Availability: Discontinued

The 62mm race skin from Kohla is the same 100% mohair forumla used by Fischer, Hagan, and recently La Sportiva for their race skis. But now you can buy it off the roll with tacky Kohla colors. Since you’ll be advertising for the Austrian company during transitions, they offer the material at a great price. That’s not true but was fun to write. The skins are known for their grip and the glide ain’t so bad either. Very tacky glue makes them great for use in cold races or as backups. Purchase by the centimeter to get exactly the amount you need. Type the number of centimeters in the quantity field.

ORDERING NOTE: These skins are sold by the centimeter (cm), meaning you should type in the Qty field the length (in cm) of skin you want for one ski “times two” for a PAIR. Unless you are making a backup skin, then just times it by one.

by Pete (used product regularly)
4 stars for a workable cheap race skin, as I have bought others I've stopped using these. I would say these are more on the grip than glide side, and as such probably aren't the best race skin. The glue really likes to stick to itself, something that wears off with time but is annoying when they're brand new. In short ther's better skins off the roll out there, but hey, these are cheap.
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by Greg K (used product regularly)
Skins are pretty hard to mess up so I'm not sure how much a star rating really helps when making a decision. 4 stars because they work and they are cheap, but if I were buying a new pair I'd probably pick a different skin. The one caveat, the note in the product description saying that the glue is tacky is not a joke. On a 15 degree training day these skins got stuck to themselves on the first rip and I literally had to go gloves off for about 30 seconds to pry the skins apart. Great for cold weather or fresh snow that might otherwise cause skin issues. Upside, you'll likely not have to re-glue them for a longer stretch than other skins.
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Question from Mike
I purchased these kohla skins new this season. I'm in a race Saturday and temps are supposed to be 41 degrees. Will these be fine in warm temps or Will I need some glide wax or any other product?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, the skins work fine in warmer temps. If you go between wet and dry snow there can be some glomming with any skin, so you might want to wax them beforehand.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Mike. Yikes, that's hot for Feburary! With temps that high you have a pretty good chance of snow buildup on the skins just because the snow temperature will vary a lot. Any good wax appropriate for the temperature will do! I'd use the fastest wax you can find for the skins!
Answer from Mike R
Would you reccommend your Colltex stick wax or countour liquid?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, the liquid is a bit faster and somewhat longer lasting, but also annoying to carry; best for pre-treating before you leave. The blocks are lighter and easier to stash and use in a pinch.
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Answer from jbo
The skins are 62mm wide.
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