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The Kreuzspitze binding leashes are made with a kevlar core to be as strong and light as possible. Tipping the scales at a scant 16 grams (0.6 ounces), the leashes will scarely be noticeable on your feet. That is, until you yard-sale and don't lose your skis (phew). The leashes are made of kevlar, which is coated in polyurethane to protect from fraying. The attachment point at the boot is an aluminum carabiner-style clip which can quickly thread into a buckle strap or something similar. The end that attaches to the binding comes equipped with a polyproylene cord that will break under force somewhere around 80kg, which may help in an avalanche. The leashes are 24cm long when retracted but stretch to 48cm in order to reach higher buckles or attachment points. Sold in pairs.

Update 2019/20: Kreuzspitze added the option to connect directly to your ski instead of your binding. The Ski Attach kit includes a metal ring that screws onto your ski plus an extra carabiner, for quick unclipping from both your boots and skis (in lieu of girth hitching to your binding). This is great for bindings that don't have a good place to attach a leash, or you prefer to not interfere with your binding.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dhamma K
Hi, I have a pair of these leashes but there isn't a point on my boot (TLT8 Carbonio) to clip the carabiner into without interfering with the function. Do you know of any place to source those stainless steel rings that I see come with other leashes? Thanks!
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Dhamma,

One option would be the Plum Fuse Cords found here. Not cable, but thin cordage.
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Question from andrejs g
Just received these today and noticed that the picture above is different from the current leash offering (picture might be the older version). The updated option to connect to the ski becomes the only option as both ends now have carabiners with no way to install without installing the screw. Not really any way to attach these to Marker Alpinists :/
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrejs, ah yes, the biner style is a bit different on the ski-attach version. To get it to work, you would need to replace a biner with a cord loop that you can girth hitch to the binding (or simply tie it on).
Answer from andrejs g
Thanks jbo, I'll likely go with another leash instead vs. cutting removing the biner on these. Otherwise, these seem great and a good length!
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrejs, oh, I just noticed your photo is slightly different than biner no longer looks removable, dang.
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