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Leashes can be very valuable if you’re prone to dropping your skis off a mountain. The Plum leashes are a coiled cable and carabiner that can be hitched to your toe pieces and then to your boot. The length is spot on for a perfect amount of versatility without getting in the way while skinning. It’s long enough that you can reach the leash attachment point on your boot and still have enough length left over to remove skis and manipulate climbing skins. Also, long enough to forego a built-in leash attachment point altogether and wrap it around your leg. If your ski comes off, the leash will keep it attached to your leg. If your leg comes off, then all bets are off.

Sold in pairs.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jon P
I need leashes that stretch to at least 25cm total length including all clips and rings. What are these leashes length? Why not list the lengths for all your leashes in the description?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Jon! These, fully stretched, measure 133cm. Thanks!
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davep (used product a few times)
These are nice leashes in that you can get your skins on (or off) without unclipping. I'm 6' and they are almost too short using 177cm skis. They are an odd length, long enough to drag around and get in the way of stepping in. I did find that a wrap around the boot helps take up some of the length.

The little string that comes with them is pretty weak and I had one break after a slow speed dump. I was following a friend around a traverse corner and didn't see that he was stopped right behind the trees we had to go around. Did a quick ditch and almost lost a ski (took a while to find it) as the string broke. I wouldn't be too concerned about these breaking away in a slide if the break away in a low speed fall. Overall, pretty good but I would replace the string with something more robust (I had to cut a shoelace as it was day one of a 4 day trip) and use a keyring or something to attach to the boot.
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Gilbert (used product regularly)
These are working perfectly with my Backland boots. The carabiner end is a bit bulky. But it does fit onto the D-ring on my boot cuff. This allows me to stay in the leash for up and down transitions. I haven’t crashed in them, so it cannot comment on shock absorption etc. but they are the perfect length for this boot and connection point. They are too tight is you have to wrap it around your leg. I would imagine they may be a bit too long if you connected it to the toe buckle of your boot.
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Question from Jason
Will these work with Armada Shift MNC 10 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jason, there is not a great attachment point on the Shift bindings. In general folks with that binding rely on the brakes to stop the ski and not leashes.
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Question from Seth Fineman
So my question is which leash would you recommend that has a mechanism to release given a certain amount of force? Or is this more of a accessory fuse link or something like that? Either way please let me know what you would recommend so that I don’t get strangled in Avalanche.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Seth,

If you would like a leash that will break away after a certain amount of force, check out the Maruelli Leash Safe Loops. The leash safe loops will snap at around 75lbs of force. However, you will need a leash, as this part connects into the leash chain, and is not a leash on its own.

The leashes that Patrick suggested in the response below are also a great option if you would like to get away from your skis in a slide. Both options require a certain amount of force before they break.
Answer from Matt S
Also the B&D leash, which comes with 40# and 60# fuses.
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Question from Seth F
Hello, I have the marker alpinist 12 skis and will be using these in avalanche Pronto rain. What would you recommend as a leash to ensure that the ski goes away out of harms way from me in the event of an avalanche?
Answer from Patrick C

These are a great choice, but if you want a longer leash you can check out the B&D Ski Leashes that have a long lead and a break away feature. Hope this helps!
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Sabari K (used product regularly)
Excellent leashes - just long enough that you can transition without having to remove them, but stay coiled and out of the way. Ordering 2 more to replace some G3 and Dynafit leashes!
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Question from Daniel L
Would these work with Marker Alpinist bindings?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Daniel, these should work just fine with the Alpinist!
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John S (used product a few times)
They're long, and they're strong, and they're down to get retention on. Plum claims the break strength is 65 kg (143 lbs), so add a fuse link if you need breakaway. Mine came with clips very similar to the Dynafit guide leashes (aluminum, anodized grey with a laser etched Plum logo) and black cord loops (vs. green). The Skimo product image doesn't match current Plum production. Get 'em if you want to handle your skis without disconnecting your leashes.
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Question from Rob K
Will the Plum leash work on K2 Fatty snowblade with non release bindings?
Answer from Jeff
Rob, it will work on anything. Especially since they don't release. Of course, it is a Ski resort requirement.
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Question from Joe K
What is the weight of the leashes?
Answer from Jeff
Joe, they weight 58g for the pair.
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Question from GlidingJerry
Would these leashes work on Dynafit Superlite 2.0?
Answer from Jeff
Sure will. The green cord is designed to loop through spaces on the binding. There are some cutouts on the side of the Superlight toe that will work well.
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Question from Trevor J
Are these long enough to go around your leg/boot? would they work well with the alian RS?
Answer from Nate
Hi Trevor, depending on your leg you might be able to really stretch this to make that happen, but generally speaking I wouldn't say they are long enough to go around your leg/boot. They will work well with the Alien RS though, because Scarpa was thoughtful enough to put a handy D-ring for attaching leashes on that boot.
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Question from Patrick Fink
Thoughts on wire vs cord? Need some leashes for some big glaciers in europe. Maybe cord will break away if loaded adequately? I just need to not drop a ski in a crevasse and turn a skiing trip into a walking trip.
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, neither is designed to break away, but everything has a breaking point. Look at the Maruelli loops to add a breaking link to your system.
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Question from Mark
Are the Plum leashes good? I have several pairs of leashes, and they mostly go unused.
Answer from jbo
Hey Mark, they are pretty basic cords that attach and detach easily enough. They have no breakaway abilities but you can always add some Maruelli safe loops somewhere in your chain.
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