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As is the case with most Kreuzspitze bindings, seeing a new pair of Kreuzspitze SCTTT Lady bindings can feel like a religious experience for those who know what they're looking at. When a beautiful, minimalist binding design is flawlessly executed with masterful craftsmanship, the resulting product can feel more like a work of art than a tool for exploration. However, the pow won't shred itself, so you’ve got to get skiing!! Geared down by 30% for smaller skiers, the Kreuzspitze SCTTT Lady is everything that you need in a lightweight race binding. Not the type to forget the necessities, the folks at Kreuzspitze added all the important bits-- a flat walk mode, a simple lock/unlock toe lever, and a riser flap that weighs nearly nothing. Speaking of nearly nothing, the Kreuzspitze SCTTT Lady has a titanium spring (softer in this women's version than in the men's) that weighs less than the spring found in the steel SCTT. Slap these bad boys (or girls) on some skis and get skiing, because beautiful tools look better when they're being used.

  • With a 30% lighter titanium U-spring and a 30% softer release than the SCTTT, the "Lady" is perfect for lighter and smaller skiers.
  • Turn the heel piece 90° to access a flat-on-ski mode, which works very well in light of the recommended 6mm heel gap.
  • Simple flap over the heel pins is still the best way to transition, flip down for skinning, up for skiing.
  • ISMF compliant race binding.

Update 2020/21: The SCTTT-L has been replaced by the RS Lady.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 246g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   Accessory plates
Riser Heights   1 + Flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed
Crampon Ready   Optional accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ergal, titanium, hardened steel, technolpolymer
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing and general fast uphill skiing
Notes 30% softer release value is great for lighter skiers
Bottom Line Solid race binding for lighter skiers
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Erin
Looks nice and simple-- just wondering what release range we're talking about? 'Have the dynafit rotation 7 and DIN 2.5 is about right for my massive 100 lb body :-), I like the rotation 7s fine for area and side country.

For true BC days, the transitions in pow are just so laborious with that toe wiggling back and forth and having to take off skis at the top of the run.... So if not this binder, then what would be simpler but still in the right DIN range than the rotation 7 for my pow-tour skis (146cm atomic centurys)????
Answer from TSB
Hey Erin, thanks for reaching out! We agree that race bindings are perfect for your phat powder setup, due to simplicity and light weight. The Kreuzspitze SCTTT-Lady does test out quite low in its fixed Release Values compared with other race bindings, but we're still seeing readings in the 4-5 range for lateral RV. Tech-binding RV is different from DIN, of course, so feel free to fill out our Binding Finder if you want to get a sense of where you chart out for our RV calculation!
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Model: SCTTT Lady MPN: SCTTT-L UPC: 7426847866297

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