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Fresh off of the Lagorai Mountains in Trentino, Italy, where Kreuzspitze tests every one of their products comes the RS Lady, a delightfully bare-bones race-oriented binding that will replace the venerable SCTTT Lady. The all-business, no-frills heel of the RS Lady is the same as that of the SCTTT Lady: a replaceable titanium U spring with an easy to use race-flap riser atop a pedestal that can rotate in a full circle, snapping into position every 90° degrees for a natural feeling flat-touring mode. Kreuzspitze machining techniques translate to a lower cost binding for you without sacrificing any of the resilience or performance that comes with the Kreuzspitze name. Whether you are stepping in, stepping out, or locking the toe lever into one of two locked positions (for greater boot compatibility), Kreuzspitze's innovative Precision-Fast-Easy toe engagement system delivers stunningly smooth action in the toe piece. The vertical and lateral release values of the RS Lady are 30% lower than that of the Kreuzspitze RS binding, meaning that this is an excellent race or touring binding for lighter or smaller skiers who value simplicity, reliability, and performance. And with a purple flair on the toe lever and heel flap, you will be styling on everyone with your masterfully crafted Kreuzspitze RS Lady bindings.

  • Precision-Fast-Easy toe engagement system promises smooth operation of the toe piece.
  • Made of Ergal, tempered steel, titanium, and technopolymer for simplistic durability.
  • Machined using state-of-the-art CNC techniques creates precision in manufacturing.
  • Compatible with optional crampon adapters and removable race brakes from Kreuzspitze.
  • Flat walk mode + a heel flap riser.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 242g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   Accessory plates
Riser Heights   1 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed
Crampon Ready   Optional Accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ergal, titanium, hardened steel, technopolymer
Skimo Co Says
Usage Fast touring, skimo racing
Notes 30% lower release value than the RS
Bottom Line Excellent race binding for lighter folk
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Zach W
I'm trying to buy bindings for a female friend of mine. Her binding release value comes to 5.0 on the calculator. Would these work well?

Alternatively, I already have a pair of Trofeo toes at home, so I was thinking of just buying the RS-L heels to pair. I see on the other page that Jbo noted that the toe affects heel release characteristics. Do you think this proposed combo would be appropriate? She is a type-II skier.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Zach,

Binding release is dependent on a few factors, including boot sole length. Therefore, the release value of a fixed race binding can vary person to person. Based on where she is charting out, the RS Lady binding releases a little high. I would actually recommend taking a look at the
Plum Race 120 as it is in the ballpark of her charted release value.

As far as the franken-binding setup is concerned, tech toes will have a wide range of release characteristics. Pairing toes and heels across brands will definitely affect release value. It will also affect things like binding pin height delta, so without testing that combination, there is no way of knowing if it is an appropriate combination for her! It may be worth reaching out to us at to chat further!
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Phillip D (used product a few times)
My first impressions of the binding are pretty positive.

Installing the non-adjustable binding was easier than I expected. I did have to draw up a CAD template and make a feeler gauge, (out of carbon fiber for speed!), for the gap.

On the hill, operation was simple and straightforward. The toes are noticeably smooth and snappy. I prefer the feel of these to my Speed toes. The heel-flat mode is crucial for my uses and worked as expected. Rotating the heel is more fiddly than other bindings just because it's so small. A skinned knuckle early in the day reminded me to be more careful. The single riser is about right for "sane and comfortable" skin tracks, but too low for some of the fall-line tracks I encountered. It was good motivation to set new switchbacks and cruise on past the people slogging straight up.

I've put some thought into leash attachment. The heel piece is simplest and requires no preparation, but could get in the way while skinning. My best thought is to sew a loop of 1/2" flat webbing tight to the crampon adapter slot. I hand-bartacked the webbing with the binding in place and it turned out well. Only adds a third of a gram. For those who use crampons, there is also a hole in the toe lever with clearance for 0.035" wire.
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