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The original 100% 3k Twill carbon-fiber boot, the Stratos EVO, is the result of years of research and development by La Sportiva and its winning skimo team. At only 558g (1lb 3.7oz) without the liner, these are the lightest boots on the market that fully cover the liners so you don't end up with wet feet after booting or skinning through powder. Designed for fast race transitions, the EVO has only one buckle which integrates the buckle with the ski / walk mode switch. And with features like a built-in shock absorber on the anchor / leverage device, the boots ski suprisingly well.

  • Super soft thermo-formable Stratos liner (165g / 5.8oz) has a patented lacing system and flex zones for maximum comfort and a tight fit.
  • Optional bikini-style liner (105g / 3.7oz) is an ultralight two-piece system designed specifically for racing.
  • Spring-loaded, one-motion lock lever will get you transitioned as fast as possible.
  • Lock lever is designed to absorb shock between the medial tibia and cuff while skiing.
  • Tech fittings are made of high resistance steel, with the rear being coated in carbon.
  • Integrated strechy gaiter with zipper is easy to get in and out of while preventing snow and water from soaking the liners.
  • Grippy Vibram soles have a highly durable 75-shore rubber in the toe and heel to prevent wear.

** Please be warned that carbon fiber (even the strong 3k kind) is not the most impact resistant material and there has been at least one report of a shell cracking with a hard blow from a rock. However, if you plan only on racing, careful touring, and resort uphilling, these boots will get you to where you're going in a hurry. Due to the specific nature and price of the Stratos EVO, please contact us to order the boots so we can get you the best fit possible.

convert to ounces
558g [27]
Weight (pair) 1316g [27]
Buckles   1 w/ zippered gaitor
Cuff Rotation   70-ish
Forward Lean(s)   2 settings
Materials   100% 3k Twill carbon fiber
Liner   Stratos or Bikini
Sole   Vibram with rubber toe & heel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, resort uphilling
Notes Shock absorbing lock mechanism, awesome carbon look
Bottom Line Lightest full coverage boots on the market

Questions & Reviews

Question from clarkboulder
Hi, I am back on this discontinued model (thanks for still having it in the etherweb). I bought these. They are amazing!! But above in your tech info you state "Tech fittings are made of high resistance steel, with the rear being coated in carbon." Is this last bit true? Is there a metal fitting in there somewhere under carbon? This is the spot that gives me the most pause. After one use (skimo race at Abasin) I see wear on the carbon. My binding is ATK WC SL with upgraded roller pins. I would think the rollers would help prevent wear. Does anyone at SKIMOCO recall why they thought the fittings would be buried and coated in carbon? Seems too odd to be true. Thanks in advance.
Answer from Ian C
Hi Clark, we don't have that boot in front of us to reference, but we are phoning some friends who might have a better memory than us. We will keep you posted!
Answer from clarkboulder
I mean I think I can see some metal sandwiched inside the carbon but it’s hard to tell and I can’t figure out why they did that other than to save weight of not having an external screw. But it seems a wear point regardless and sketches me.
Answer from Ian C
Hey Clark, I think you are pretty much spot on. From what I can tell La Sportiva wanted to eliminate the need for the external screws, which is why the went the "coat the heel pin in carbon" route. There should still be metal underneath there. Hopefully they hold up for you.
Answer from clarkboulder
Thanks. (Doing my best to keep this boot thread alive. :-)
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Question from clarkboulder
HI Skimoco,
La Sportiva has one last pair of these old model boots and after some negotiating, they are willing to sell to me for $750. New in box and with a super gucci custom carrying bag....(but while nice, who cares about that). Would anyone at SkimoCo have a memory of these and be able to tell me if these suckers would still ski as well or better as the current models in the same price range or even more expensive like the Scarpa Alien 3? I tried them on and they are really nice and stiff and easy to use but not sure if the price is worth it considering these came out some time ago. They only weigh like 650g in my 28.5 Thoughts? Worth it?
Answer from jbo
Hi Clark, nice price! It was a decent boot, good skiing and awesome walking. Fit is usually the crux on carbon boots since they can't be modified.
Answer from clarkboulder
better skiing than the Sytron? (my current boot)
Answer from jbo
Hi clark, it's not really comparable. These are stiffer but less supportive. You can learn to ski them just as well or better.
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Model: Stratos EVO

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