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chance c

chance c
Height:4' 6"
Weight:63 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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I am super psyched to be able to purchased a replacement pair of Cross Fit Tour liners for my two year old Alien RS. The original liners held up great for 150 days of non resort skiing, then my wife threatened to call the DEQ to report a hazmat air quality violation ... Thank you all star team for making this possible! Customer for life Chance Whitefish Montana
Teddy, Thanks for the reply, you guys have been awesome with the nebulous world of ski boots. I am in a similar situation as Gabriele listed below, skiing the Salomon X-Alp for hurry up laps and light touring days with a rare race now and then. The Alien looks like a proper pairing. Wondering if the Alien lower is able to be heat molded a bit. I recall the RS lower was not able to be heat molded. Thanks for your time and energy Chance
Question for Zack, What did you end up going with for a boot choice and size? I have a similar size issue with Scarpa ( 28.5 foot, currently using the Alien RS in a size 29 )
This is a great review, thanks for the time and energy to share the info
Are the Atomic Backland crampons interchangeable with the Plumb crampons? thanks for your time and energy Chance

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