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Thinner and lighter than the first Barryvox (the beacon, not the dog), the Mammut Barryvox 2 Avalanche Beacon continues the trend of setting the bar of what avalanche beacons could and should be capable of. The features that made the Barryvox an instant classic have stuck around for the Barryvox 2, including the impressive 70m search range, trivial-to-use interface, auto-revert to send, self-test on startup, and multiple-burial functions just to name a few. One new feature of the Barryvox 2 is the ability to network with your phone via Bluetooth and download updates without sending your beacon off or taking it into a shop, making it easier than ever before to keep your beacon up to date. A more impressive improvement is the Voice Guidance feature, which literally talks you through the search procedure during a rescue, reducing the possibility of human error when in a situation where every second is vital. The Barryvox 2 has also received the Rescue-SEND feature from the Barryvox S, which allows the beacon to automatically switch back into transmit if you are stuck by a second slide while probing or digging. Furthermore, if the beacon detects no movement for four minutes while in search mode, it will assume a second slide has taken place and will auto-revert back to send mode. All of this together makes the Mammut Barryvox 2 one of the safest, easiest to use, and most advanced beacons to date.

  • Rescue-SEND and auto-revert to SEND systems set your transceiver back to transmit should a second slide occur during a search or rescue.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for at-home diagnostics and updates via the Mammut App.
  • Voice Guidance feature reduces the chance of error during high-stress rescue operations.
  • Acoustic search guide will provide auditory tones to help guide you towards the burial, allowing you to focus visually on the scene.
  • Interference Guard mitigates and manages signal interference while the Self-Test Function ensures the beacon is transmitting correctly on start-up.
  • Reverse direction function helps to prevent 180-degree search errors.
  • Group Check function checks the transmission frequency of other beacons, ensuring they are working correctly.
  • 70-meter search range is on the longer end of even modern beacons.
  • Deep Burial Mode will prompt you to start the fine search at a greater distance if it determines that the transmitting beacon is buried deeply.
  • Auto-Select function will automatically lock onto the strongest signal while searching for multiple burials.
  • Included carrying system with SafeLock prevents the search mode from getting accidentally activated.
  • Despite the added features, the Barryvox 2 is an ounce lighter and 6mm thinner than its predecessor.
Dimensions 115 x 68 x 21 mm
convert to ounces
180g w/ 2 AAA batteries
Antennas 3 digital
Transmit Range 70m
Search Range 70m
Number of Victims 3+
Battery Life 250 hours transmit
Specs Verified
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rescue people from avalanches
Notes Voice commands in search mode
Bottom Line Intuitive beacon for finding buried skiers

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