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Having been used and trusted by ski patrols and guides around the globe, the Barryvox S set a high benchmark for all beacons to follow. With the Barryvox S2, Mammut has embraced all the latest technologies to enhance searchability while still providing enhanced features and customization that will assist practiced professionals in the field. With an emphasis on helping locate a buried victim as soon as possible, the S2 features voice guidance through all search stages. Additionally, auditory tones help guide you in the general direction of a buried victim, allowing you to focus on visually searching the scene. For sunny days, the Memory in Pixel (MIP) screen provides excellent visual contrast while the Pro Search Mode combines analog tones with digital distance readings to help you pinpoint with laser precision and access your custom search settings. In case of deep burials, the Barryvox S2 automatically starts the fine search mode earlier, assisting with quicker retrieval. With an impressive list of features tailored for avalanche professionals and practiced recreational skiers, the Barryvox S2 is sure to be a staple for years to come.

  • Intelligent fine search guidance guides you visually and acoustically during a fine search.
  • Acoustic search guidance uses an auditory tone to help guide you in the direction of the buried person, allowing you to focus visually on the search.
  • Voice guidance is active throughout all phases of the search.
  • Analog Search Technology allows for a more efficient and effective search while the analog tone alerts you to signal overlap during complicated rescues.
  • Probe Indication alerts visually and acoustically to the minimum recorded burial depth, indicating the time to go from the fine search to pinpointing.
  • Memory in Pixel allows you to view the screen, even in harsh sunlight.
  • Individual customizable settings allow the user to modify the beacon to their needs.
  • Firmware can be updated directly from your smartphone.
  • Self-Test Function allows the beacon to check itself to ensure it is working properly.
  • Group Check Function allows you to see if other beacons are functioning appropriately.
  • Interference Guard indicates if interference is detected in either send or search modes.
  • Auto-Select will point you to the strongest signal first in a multiple burial scenario.
  • Buried victims can be marked and unmarked in a multi-burial scenario.
  • Deep Burial Mode allows the beacon to initiate a fine search earlier if a deep burial is detected.
  • Auto Guidance helps the beacon guide you towards the victim in the event of overlap or signal failure.
  • Rescue-SEND and auto-revert to SEND functions will switch the beacon back to send in the case of a secondary avalanche that impairs the rescuer.
  • Reverse direction function helps eliminate 180-degree search errors.
  • Included carrying system with SafeLock prevents inadvertent activation of search mode.
  • Clear overview allows a professional to have a broad overview of the scene, helping manage up to 16 different burials.
  • Vital data displays burial time and other data in send mode, giving clear information to first responders.
  • Additional Bluetooth channel allows for faster separation of signals during complex burial scenarios.
  • Individually customizable for visual and audio guidance, Pro Check, vital data, rescue, and auto-rever to send.
  • That was a really big list. Nice work making it to the end! Pat yourself on the back, drink your favorite beverage, or celebrate in whatever way seems appropriate.

Dimensions 115 x 68 x 21 mm
convert to ounces
180g w/ 2 AAA batteries
Antennas 3 digital
Transmit Range 70m
Search Range 70m
Number of Victims 3+
Battery Life Alkaline: 250 hours transmit
Lithium: 350 hours transmit
Specs Verified
Skimo Co Says
Usage Finding buried skiers
Notes MIP screen provides screen clarity in tricky lighting
Bottom Line The best got better

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