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If you crave convenience in ski waxing, then the mountainFLOW Quick Wax is for you. Forgoing irons, vices, clamps, scrapers, and a flock of brushes, you simply need to apply the wax onto the base with the included applicator and then buff the base with a cloth. Thats it! The wax is biodegradable, plant-based, and contains no petroleum, ensuring it is safe for you and the planet. For the best application, mountainFLOW recommends applying the wax to warm and dry bases. Whether going on a hut trip or making quick adjustments to unexpected temperatures, the Quick Wax fits the bill wonderfully.

  • Cool works for temperatures between 15-30F while warm works for temperatures between 25-40F.
  • Included applicator pad makes application quick and easy.
  • Requires only a cloth to buff the ski base clean after application.
  • Great option for hut trips, touching up hot wax, or making quick adjustments to account for different temperatures.

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