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mountainFLOW was founded in 2016 by passionate skiers who were fed up with using petroleum-based ski wax and the harm it caused to our drinking water. Since those early days, mountainFLOW has expanded its product range, bringing more high performing eco-friendly options to the world of ski waxing.

mountainFLOW Eco Skin Wax
Get younger skin(s)! mountainFLOW developed their Eco Skin Wax with natural ingredients to give your skin the supple feel and performance it deserves. Delicately spritz a layer of this onto your climbing skins each morning before your cardio routine to re..
mountainFLOW Eco Wax
Sure, you make sure your beer cans and candy bar wrappers aren't left behind in the backcountry, but did you know your ski is causing pollution? Wax from skis and skins is scraped off by snow crystals and is left behind in the snow. It will eventually win..
mountainFLOW Rub On Skin Wax
To truly embrace the truth and solace of the Fast 'n Light ideology we hold here at Skimo Co (we're not a cult), you can not be caught with snow and other sludge sticking to your skins, weighing you down. Therefore we believe that skin wax is a necessity ..
mountainFLOW Wax Brushes
Waxing is an important ritual that every skier and swimmer must do in order to keep themselves gliding efficiently. Apart from keeping skiing fun and fast, waxing also keeps the integrity of our ski bases in tip-top shape. Prep your ski bases before waxin..
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mountainFLOW Quick Wax
If you crave convenience in ski waxing, then the mountainFLOW Quick Wax is for you. Forgoing irons, vices, clamps, scrapers, and a flock of brushes, you simply need to apply the wax onto the base with the included applicator and then buff the base with a ..
mountainFLOW Race Wax
When seconds are what stand between you and the podium, you'd best use the race wax from mountainFLOW. Built using their proprietary Ceramic Nanotechnology, the mountainFLOW race wax provides the same level of performance as other high-end race waxes, whi..
mountainFLOW Moly Wax
While the longer days, bird calls, and cessation of Seasonal Affective Disorder are signs that spring has finally sprung, unfortunately so is dirty snow. In Salt Lake City, we are fortunate to live by the Great Salt Lake, which is becoming less great most..

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