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With the plethora of waxing accessories available, it can be challenging to pick out what you need, especially for those who didn't grow up ski racing. With the Blue Square Wax Kit, mountainFLOW has done your homework for you, putting together a comprehensive kit with everything you need to maximize glide. The kit comes with both warm and cool bio-based eco wax, allowing you to have superior glide no matter the temperature. The waxing iron has a dimpled base and thicker plate, providing consistent heat to help evenly distribute the wax across your base. The brass brush helps prep the base before waxing and removes stubborn wax left after scraping. The wax scraper finds a good balance of performance and longevity while the included rubber bands hold brakes up and out of the way. Keeping this kit consolidated is the included travel case, allowing you to neatly stow the kit in a single place. The mountainFLOW Wax Kit - Blue Square makes a compelling choice for a comprehensive waxing kit.

  • Iron has a thick and dimpled base plate for even wax application.
  • 4mm wax scraper finds a good balance between efficiency and longevity.
  • Rubber bands hold brakes up and out of the way for easy access to your base.
  • Warm and cool wax allows you to have optimal glide for whatever conditions are present.
  • Brass brush is the only brush used by the founder of mountainFLOW to remove stubborn wax and prep the base.
  • Pairs nicely with the Happy Norwegian Tuning Stand.

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