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With the IR Waxer 2.0 from mountainFLOW, less is truly more. As with all infrared waxers, the IR Waxer 2.0 increases the absorption of wax into the structure of the ski base, allowing you to use less wax with arguably better results when compared to traditional waxing irons. Because more wax is absorbed into the base structure, there is less residual wax to messily scrape onto your floor, keeping your housemates happier and preserving your forearm strength for the climbing gym. Operation of the IR Waxer 2.0 is easy and intuitive while its durable construction ensures it's built to last. With the IR Waxer 2.0, you can achieve professional-level wax applications from the convenience of your garage.

  • Noticeably increases absorption of wax into the base structure of your ski, creating more durable waxing applications.
  • Allows you to use less wax than traditional hot waxing methods.
  • Requires less scraping, keeping the mess of waxing to a minimum.
  • Because less wax is required, you get to save money. Woohoo!
  • Professional-level waxing from the convenience of your garage.

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