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It’s fitting that some of the fastest skis on the block have some of the fastest skins available as part of a matching kit. The Colltex PDG is a fan favorite because of its astonishing gliding power in cold snow and the ability to retain grip and adhesion while others are slipping. It’s also the basis for Movement’s standard race skins. The simple elastic tip kit is adjustable for a user-customized tip-rip experience and allows skin-off transition times to be in the single digits. Because of the advanced backing material that weighs 20% less than leading competitors, each skin can fold up to nearly the size of a deck of cards yet still employ advanced water-resistant properties for maximum performance in all conditions. These skins are straight-cut for maximum gliding performance, with wider skins available for the wider skis in the Movement Race Pro & Fast series.

  • Race Pro 66 skins are 63mm wide by 170cm long, just trim the tails.
  • Race Pro / Fast 71 skins are 68mm-wide material, straight cut for the 71s.
  • Race Pro / Fast 77 skins are 74mm wide, perfect for those Race Pro or Fast 77s.

Update 2019/20: The straight-cut skins are now yellow instead of black, but otherwise are the same material.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Justin J Klug
I have purchased the Movement Pro 66 ski. Are these Movement race skins the right ones and I just cut them down?
Answer from jbo
Hi Justin, for the most part any race skin will work with any race ski. Width is the biggest decision, with skinnier being faster and wider offering more grip. As compared to the most common 62mm width, these remaining Movement skins are 65mm which will make them extra grippy, but they do need to be trimmed a bit underfoot to fit a standard-width race ski like the Race Pro 66.
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Jordan S (used product regularly)
I bought these skins a while back now for my race pro 71 skis, and overall they're decent. On the good side they weigh next to nothing and are so small you could fit them in a pants pocket. They also provide excellent grip in most conditions, but this is their main issue that I have noticed: when the conditions aren't soft i.e. corn before it has become corn, or in general icy snow, the grip these skins provide seems to be a little lacking to me. Nothing too bad overall, but I think next time I will get something else instead.
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Brad H (used product a few times)
Picked these skins up (the black ones) to use on my race setup. Although I haven't actually raced in them yet, I've skied several laps on them. They are super easy to doff, they work great on my skis, they seem to have great traction. Very happy with my purchase.

I use them on Atomic Ultimate 65 WC 2016 163cm Skis.
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Question from Patrick
Are race pro 77 skins full length with a tail attachment? If not, how much bare ski do they leave when they are cut?
Answer from Nate
Hi Patrick, the Race Pro 77 skin is a true race skin and as such does not include a tail attachment. The bungees are rather long, so depending on where one ties the knot the skin ends in the neighborhood of 10cm from the tail of the ski. It's long enough to take adjustable tail clips (but not the simple metal-bracket type).
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