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At Skimo Co, our staff obsesses over gear. And while shiny news skis are great, what really matters most are the experiences that the gear affords. Backcountry skiing is a fun way to get outside, challenge yourself, and explore nature with good company. And that’s exactly why Amelia Mayer added backcountry skiing to her family’s repertoire. Along with her husband and five children, Amelia lives out of Jackson, Wyoming where she hosts a website called “Tales of..
Do you find product reviews helpful? We sure do, and many of our customers would agree as well! There’s just one problem - most folks don’t take the time to write a nice, detailed review since it does them little good after their purchase. The reviews you do see are from benevolent souls who wish to assist others by sharing their opinion and experiences. While that’s surely admirable, we like to encourage the rest of our customers to jot down their thoughts f..
Binding Recycling - 11/9/2020
Don’t clutter the landfills with old broken tech bindings! It’s understandable to think a busted heel riser is the end for your whole binding set up, but it’s not! Someone somewhere can use the still-good parts to milk a few more seasons out of their investment. It’s kind of like grabbing an alternator from the junkyard to keep the ol’ Subaru chugging along. Oh, and you’ll earn store credit on top of your environmental kudos.  Furloughed binding bits rea..
It's October! The 10th calendar month has historically marked the beginning of the season for us at Skimo Co as new gear pours in, bootfitting appointments ramp up, and we grow increasingly impatient for the snow to arrive. Needless to say, 2020 has been quite the doozy but this gear preview should help refocus your mind on the important things in life. Yes, skiing. We expect the pandemic to encourage more skiers to venture into the backcountry this winter as they a..
Greetings from the Skimo Co family, and welcome to the 2019/20 season preview! After a bountiful 2018/19 season followed by a valiant stand from the fallen snow, the summer heat won again. And so the cycle begins anew! As new gear floods in the door daily, the arrival of winter is inching closer. As always, we’ve been busy working to ensure that your season will be smooth and rewarding. Joined by a cadre of smiling new faces, we are prepared (as always) to answer yo..
The cycle of life continues, and we welcome you to the 2018/19 ski-season preview! As we roll into our sixth season, we’d like to start by thanking you, our loyal customers, for all your feedback and support. Please let us know if you ever notice us providing an imperfect service, as our goal is most definitely the opposite. The coming winter has lots to offer in terms of equipment, and we hope in terms of snowpack as well.  We’ve previously written that we ..
"Let’s go to the Sierras and ski the Mendenhall Couloir and Bloody Couloir!” “Quick trip out to ski Shasta?” A few years ago, if you had made these statements to me, I would have laughed loudly, confident that you were sarcastic. While these objectives aren’t cutting edge, they are all fairly big lines; steep descents that come with enough avalanche danger that they can’t be taken lightly. Each is the type of descent any skier who has spent time in unforgiv..
It’s that time again, welcome to the 2017/18 season preview! With a long spring/summer season afforded by ample snowfall throughout the west last winter, the receding summer has seemed especially short. October is already here and we are geared up for another great season.  As usual, we’ll be highlighting some products and trends we find interesting.  Unusually, we’ll start with skins, a category that is being overwhelmed with choice.  We have enough ..
A surprise September snowstorm in the Wasatch has folks thinking studiously about the 2016/17 ski season.  This is our 3rd annual backcountry preview, which we’ll still call a preview despite having already kicked off the rock-skiing season.  Below are highlights of some notable trends and developments related to ski touring and mountaineering gear. Whoa, boots!  Lightweight backcountry ski boots garnered (by far) the most product development dolla..
Welcome to our second annual season preview, this time featuring the 2015/16 ski season. While many skiers and industry players are still recovering from the hangover of a record low snow year throughout much of the west, optimistic folks and east coasters are eagerly anticipating another great season.  October came fast this year and we will use the first day, the second anniversary of our opening, to look ahead and see what’s in store (literally and figurativ..

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