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Useful gear weighing less than 30g (28g, to be exact) is trying to earn a spot in your backpack. Petzl’s Ange S (S for Small), is the perfect companion for technical ascents, descents, side-scents, and impromptu zip-lines in the field. Built to perfection with a MonoFil Keylock gate that brings the best of wire and solid gates together in harmonious union, the Ange is smooth and durable. The H-Profile shape blends strength and weight (or lack thereof) together for a 20kn major-axis strength rating. Maximize your areas of accessible travel with a light, strong, and simple carabiner that’ll last for the long haul.

  • MonoFil Keylock is smooth, light, and easy to operate with gloves.
  • Open nose design to allow for proper debris clearing, ensuring fuss-free operation.
  • H-Profile sheds weight while boosting stiffness and open-gate strength.
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Dimensions   85mm x 22mm
Specs Verified Yes
Gate Style MonoFil Keylock
Major Axis Strength 20kN
Minor Axis Strength 7kN
Open Gate Strength 9kN
Materials   Aluminum
Skimo Co Says
Usage Climbing and ski mountaineering
Notes Gate style is longer lasting than basic wires
Bottom Line Buttery smooth and less-filling
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Questions & Reviews

Centerfold (downright abused product)
Another win by Petzl. I tend to use these orange ones without gloves on rock and the blue with gloves. It does take some getting used to with how small the gap is between the nose and base of the gate. But they are extremely lightweight and bomber. When you are racking 10 slings and a double rack you could have 40 biners dangling off your harness. Every ounce counts.
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Pete (used product regularly)
I really like these, they're quite light, and they are small but not tiny, much larger than 19 Gs, around the same size as nano 22s. Generally most skimo folks are using lightweight harnesses than doen't have much for gear loops, so snagging carabiner noses on those floss line gear loops becomes an issue. Petzl has solved the problem and maintained a very light weight.
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Curly (used product a few times)
Honestly I don't really like these carabiners. Its nice that they don't have a hooked nose but the "nipple" on the end of the wire is really irritating with gloves. Perhaps I've grown used to the hooked nose of other carabiners over the years but I find the end of the wire to catch more than the nose a carabiner. An exception is on ultralight harnesses where these can be really nice to not catch on super thin gear loops. I think that the piece of wire around the nose on black diamond carabiners is a better fix than this, also without the weight of a solid gate. Finally, the price?? are you serious?? Better options out there I think!
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Model: Ange S

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