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Plum Race 99 Binding

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All-metal bindings weighing in under 102 grams? You betcha (they weight 101)! Designed for those folks looking for every edge in competition, the Plum 99 is the updated pinnacle of race-binding minimalism. It also adds a twist to the concept of adjustable release. Choose from two lateral-release values (roughly 6 or 8) simply by changing the mounting-orientation of the heel. The forward release remains fixed in the middle and features a standard race-heel flap to cover the pins while skinning. Given its svelte nature, Plum recommends using the 99 for racing and training only. Skiers who weigh in over the 90kg/198lb recommended usage limit, or who plan on using their race bindings for non-race applications, can check out the Plum Race 120.

  • Innovative heel design lets you pick the release value according to the mounting orientation of the heel.
  • Aerospace aluminum chassis has been slimmed to an incredible 99 grams (3.5oz).
  • Toe lever easily switches between fully-locked uphill and unlocked-downhill modes.
  • Full lateral and forward release is compliant with ISMF specs for competition.
  • 100% made in France.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 202g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   None
Riser Heights   1
Vertical Release   7
Lateral Release   6 or 8
Crampon Ready   No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, T6 titanium
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Change lateral release with a sideways mount
Bottom Line The lightest metal binding
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Questions & Reviews

Vincent Landry (downright abused product)
Ive been using this binding for about 1 full year of skiing and I destroyed 2 pair of toe pieces. I used this binding on my skimo set up mostly used for racing/training. I am a strong
150pounds~ skier. I feel like this binding is badly designed. The 4 toe pieces broke all at the same spot, around the screws. The holes take the most space and there is not a lot of material around it. The binding at this spot is so thin light that constant pressure make it crack. I am putting 2 stars and not 1 because this binding did serve me amazingly well. It is really precise and easy to get in and also extremely light. I am guessing it might be the right binding for you if you use it only for a race set up but as for me, it was not a good choice. Rather go with the r120/150 if you are also using this ski for training/touring.
Reply from Maya A
Hi Vincent! Looks like you know a lot ab bindings)) Could you recommend safe bindings for beginner 50kg please? We are concerned mostly about safety /release.
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Question from Minot
Does the heel unit rotate in a circle on top like the old Low Tech Race bindings by Dynafit?
Answer from TSB
Hey Minot, that's right! The top of the Race 99 heel rotates independently of the lower pedestal to turn from ski mode/riser use into flat mode.
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Question from Andrew
Can you comment on the durability of the Race 99? I'm weigh 183 lbs before putting on gear so I'm a bit hesitant about such a light binding, I would hate to break it. Also, many of the longer tours I do here in NH involve ice, or heavy, wet snow and other sub-optimal skiing conditions. How aggressive skiing does the phrase "racing and training only" accommodate?
Answer from Nate
Hi Andrew,

Plum suggests an upper weight limit of 90kg or 198lbs for this binding so while you would "make the cut," so to speak, the catch is that they are pretty serious about the "racing and training only." If you are looking to use a binding for longer tours, expeditions, and/or steep skiing, I would suggest looking at the Plum 150 or 170 bindings. They are tried and proven and approved by Plum for those endeavors but work very very well for racing too.
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Question from Teague H
how much do the heals cost alone and what do they weigh?
Answer from jbo
Hey Teague! The heels weigh 37 grams but unfortunately aren't available separately as this is a rather unique combo that Plum recommends for racing and training.
Answer from David H
2021 update: Plum is selling this heel separately this spring
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Question from Alexander N
Just confirming that this binding matches the footprint of other plum bindings such as the Race 135? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, sorry for the delay. I verified with Plum that the holes are the same as the Race 135/145, if mounted in the standard heel position.
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