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Pomoca Pomocup

Brand: Pomoca
Model: Pomocup
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Similar to a power meter on a bicycle’s crank arm or a foot pod on a running shoe, the Pomocup lets you measure your skimo effort. Capturing a mind-boggling 1200 data points every second, the Pomocup can be used with or without a smartphone or compatible smartwatch. That means you can choose to geek out during a tour or after. Download the Skilog app or plug it in to your computer after skiing and analyze your stats. Attached with two magnets, the waterproof technique-criticizer is ready to go, just power on and start skinning. Your electronic personal trainer will give you feedback on your skills and effort. The Pomocup helps you follow a training plan or measure your progress throughout the season.


General: Time, distance, temperature, altitude, slope angle, total ascent/descent, vertical ascent/descent.
Transition: Kick turns, skins on/off, skis on/off backpack, pause.
Technique: Foot cadence, step counter, stride length, grip/glide ratio, power, leg symmetry (requires two Pomocups).

-> ounces
Dimensions 68mm x 33mm x 18mm
Battery Life 30h, Rechargeable LiPo w/mini-USB
Waterproof Rating IP67 (Immersion up to one meter for up to 30 minutes)
Internal Memory Micro SD Card
Operating Temperature -20°C to 45°C
Skimo Co Says
Usage Measuring ski stats, data collection device
Notes Will work with some watches and your phone.
Bottom Line Know exactly what you're doing on the skin track
Question from Greg
Now that these are in stock, do you guys have a demo unit to try before you buy? Just curious. Thx.
Answer from Nate
Hi Greg, we have tossed the idea of a demo unit around, but we currently do not have one.
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Question from gregclimbs
What is the ETA on these?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Greg, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately we don't have a definitive ETA at this point, but we'll reach out to our contact at Pomoca and I'll follow up once I know more. We also have a new "Notify Me" feature, which will send you an email as soon as we receive them. Let me know if you'd like me to add your name to the list!
Answer from jbo
Hi Greg, we were just delivered the bad news that the Pomocup experienced some delays and likely won't be available until late January.
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