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Rando Richard

Rando Richard




6' 4"


183 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year


My Skiing

Backcountry skier. Rarely ski in-bounds. Geezer-aged cardio junkie (60+).

My Gear

Voile Objective, Fischer Hannibal 96s, Voile Charger. Sportiva Siderals and Spectre boots.

Recent Posts

I have the women's 2.0 (DIN 10 I guess) and the B&D riser plates on the heel pieces. When touring on flat terrain the heel lever wants to flop forward getting in the way. Isn't there a spring built into the binding to prevent this? Or is the B&D riser causing it to happen?
Will this will work with an SCTT binding with a heel extension plate? Will it work in conjunction with ski crampons?
I recently picked up this pair of Radicals 2nd hand for my daughter. As you can see, one heel has been replaced with a newer version (what vintage is the newer one?), but BOTH heel pieces rotate when in uphill mode when in step 1. Frustrating. Will the $30 Radical Antitwist Locks do the trick, as compared to the more expensive Speed Antitwist Base units? Does an in-store purchase of the Radical Antitwist Lock include installation?
Nice all-around mid-season ski. Two side notes: 1. The 183cm is actually 97mm wide, not 96mm as listed for the 176. I assume that the other lengths are correspondingly narrower. 2. The edges are narrower than most non-race skis, at 1.8mm I believe. I assume that is to save weight, but that may make this ski less durable.
Is there enough room to wear a thin liner glove inside these?

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