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In case you haven't noticed, here at Skimo Co, we are big fans of efficiency. Not only does efficiency make you faster, it is also funner! With this ethos in mind, Tahoe Trail Tools designed the Strapoff Adapter. Designed to pair seamlessly with your F1 and/or F1 LT boots, the Strapoff Adaptor provides the ability to "set it and forget it" regarding the main velcro buckle. The benefits of this are twofold: First, you can disconnect the velcro strap from the cuff while it remains tensioned, allowing you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect the strap. Second, the ability to keep the velcro buckle tensioned provides a consistent ski feel throughout the ski season as you can keep it secured in your preferred position. Ensuring quality, the Strapoff Adaptor is machined right here in the USA and it even comes in blue, which we are a very big fan of. Take the efficiency of your boot to the next level, and bring home the Strapoff Adaptor from Tahoe Trail Tools.

  • Allows you to keep the main velcro strap tensioned, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  • CNC machined in the USA for the utmost durability.
  • An excellent add-on to F1 and F1 LT boots.
  • Small works with 21.5-25.0 and Large works with 25.5-30.
  • Come as a pair so both feet can experience unparalleled efficiency!

This little gizmo works on many boots with a velcro strap closure system. Aside from the F1 and F1 LT, we've verified the adaptor to work with the following boots.

Boot Small Size Range Large Size Range
Scarpa F1 21.5 - 25.0 25.5 - 31
Scarpa F1 LT 21.5 - 25.0 25.5 - 31
Salomon S/Lab MTN Summit / Pure All
Fischer Travers CS / TS / GR All
Key Equipment Disruptive All
Roxa RX J Light All
Roxa R3 J 90 TI All
Dynafit Youngstar All
La Sportiva Skorpius II / Stellar II * All
Dynafit TLT X / Blacklight * All
Dalbello Quantum Evo * All

* Boot already has a quick-release strap system in place.

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Questions & Reviews

Bob (used product regularly)
I'm using these on a pair of Solomon S/Lab MTN Summits and absolutely love the simplicity of this mod. I never undue the velcro on the main strap. The Strap Off allows easy on-off and the buckle provides great walking range of motion. $40 well spent.
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Edwin S (used product regularly)
I have a pair of these on my scarpa f1s. They are highly convenient for taking my boots on and off without adjusting the velcro and have never come undone when I didn't want them to or otherwise been an issue while skiing. I sometimes forget that the boot didn't come with them to begin with!
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Jason (used product regularly)
Use these on my Scarpa F80. Works like a charm! Not worried about wearing out my Velcro anymore. Doesn't jangle around when undone. Almost weightless.
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Jonah Wolf (used product regularly)
Fantastic add on to my Roxa R3 130s. Allows me to increase tension in the power strap and is super quick during transitions without needing to undo/redo the Velcro strap. Would highly recommend!
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