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Kevlar cores and aluminum wire-carabiners are all the rage when it comes to ski leashes. The Black Diamond Helio leashes have joined the party. If you have night-visions of your skis jetting down a mountain into the abyss, you should join too. Coiled Kevlar wrapped in polyurethane coating offers just enough stretch and flexibility to allow for full range of motion, but not enough length to get in the way. Clip and unclip from your ski boots with the aforementioned carabiner. The leashes work great with BD Helio bindings as well as other models. End those sleepless nights with a pair of Helio leashes, which are coincidentally sold in pairs. 15g (0.5oz) each.

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Question from Kobey
Will these work for a g3 ion lt?
Answer from Will M
Hey Kobey,

These should work well on a G3 ION LT!
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Jonathan S (downright abused product)
I've been using these for many years in a red ATK color scheme (distributed here by Hagan), and now have these all-black versions from my Helio 180 bindings. Either way, a big improvement upon my prior homemade leashes from accessory cord. Plus the clip attachment is easy to manipulate with gloves, and the loop is easy to girth hitch through some part of pretty much any binding toe. The only part that is tricky is coming up with an attachment point on the boot that is bomber for late-spring and summer ski mountaineering and then a different attachment point that has some breakaway potential for avy danger during the winter and early spring. My approach to this has been to experiment with cable tie loops of different diameters.
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Peter L (used product regularly)
I have a set of these that came with my ATK bindings (aka BD Helio 180). I find them a little nicer than the standard Dynafit leashes that come with the Speed Radical - a bit more stretchy and the carabiner is a little easier to engage/disengage on the key ring.
The ring provided (not sure if it comes with the leashes if purchased separately from a binding) are also very nice, and are flat wound steel instead of the typical cheap round steel key rings. Seem beefier for negligible weight difference.
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