Skimo Co





5' 10"


168 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

Previous competitive biathlete, current avid Nordic skier. Compete in ski marathons when time available.
Currently enjoying dawn patrol laps at AZ Snowbowl. More reliable snow than Nordic Center and getting workout in early better for my day job (stay at home Dad).
Looking to do some regional SkiMo races in the near future

My Gear

Dynafit PDG boots, PDG skis, and low tech race bindings

Recent Posts

Coming from Nordic ski racing, I'm very comfortable with not much holding me on and downright addicted to simplicity. Turn this, push that....that's a pain in the ass. I've either owned or used two earlier dynafit low tech bindings and it was completely annoying to me to twist the rear mechanism to get different heights. I just kept it at medium. However, I'd still need to twist the damn thing for downhill mode. On the front, it was also annoying that it had a cross country and downhill mode that had to be ...
If a ski can't accept this type front tab, I'm not buying it! As my first pair of "racing" skins, I bought these to pair with my PDG skis and boots mostly to skin up Northern AZ's downhill mountain for exercise. Also have used them in a couple ski mo races in NM. They have great grip on all but the steepest slopes on our mountain, even on the frozen tilled man made snow ice we've had for a month. The steeps are steeper than anything the route setters put us on in the intro to racing I had at Santa Fe/Taos...
Never skiing a traditional alpine boot again. Although I may get a beefier non-race ski mo model, the low weight, incredible range of motion in walk mode, super slick one lever transition to ski mode, and just as rigid (as I've ever skied) as an alpine boot, and I see no reason to use a "normal" boot even for resorts. Prior to buying these I used a pair of Scarpa Matrix and Scarpa F1's for skinning. Both gave me either hot spots on the shin or near the ankle. Neither had great motion but it was what I knew...
Never going "normal" downhill skis that is ;-). Somewhat tongue in cheek, but they ski so well in everything I've skied this year (no powder to be fair), I can't see why I'd want to lug heavy skis around anymore even if only to the lift. Got these to slowly get into ski mountaineering racing and honestly to have a better set up to skin our local mountain. With snowmaking, it has consistent and predictable conditions. As an avid Nordic skier, our natural snow has been too inconsistent for solid w...
Helmet just arrived. I have a smaller head, and when using the adjustment dial on the back of the head, it doesn't "stick" in, I turn the dial to adjust to my head and if I touch or jostle the helmet even lightly, the dial spins back. I can't seem to have it hold the proper sizing. Am I missing something?? Is there a way to see if the mechanism is 'stripped'?? Thanks -Karl

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