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Dynafit Speedskin Precut Skins

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Why bother trimming skins when you can get Pomoca-quality Speedskins precut for Dynafit skis? The climbing skins include a patented clamp system designed to work effortlessly on non-race model (i.e. other than Dy.N.A. and PDG) skis. Designed to be ripped off from the tip of the ski, the Speedskins include an easy-to-grab rubber stick that fits perfectly in Dynafit tip notches. The simple tail clips clasp securely on the flat tail notches found on all Dynafit skis.

  • Waterproof membrane separates the fur from the glue, preventing moisture from compromising the stickiness.
  • Speed Glide finish is applied to the 70% mohair fur to reduce friction and consequently leg burn.
  • Snow Leopard Grip comes from a combination of special materials that climb well and are abrasion resistant.
  • Anti-stick compound is applied to the bottoms to prevent hateful glomming.
  • Cut to match the Blacklight, Speed, Carbonio, Speedfit, SL 80, etc skis.

Update 2019/20: Dynafit added pre-cut skin options for the Carbonio 76 and Speed 76 skis. Also, some of the models now have colored rubber tips.

Update 2020/21: New models match the Blacklight series including the 74, 80, and 88. See the Pin Skins for the Blacklight Pro.

Update 2021/22: Model to match the Blacklight 95 available.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Joe
Hello, I have 19/20 season Beast 98 177 cm. I am thinking the precut Free 97 177 cm should work without trimming. Do you know if this is true?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Joe,

The dimensions of the Beast 98 and the Free 97 are extremely similar, so you shouldn't have to trim for width. The one variable I would be wary of is length. There really isn't much stretch in the tip attachment and so if there is more than a millimeter or so of variation in length of the notch or the ski between the two models that could present a problem.
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Question from Kevin
Hi there, I have some Dynafit Speed 90 skins in 184cm. Would any of these skins work for them? Look like they may be out of stock? Thanks!
Answer from Ian C
Hey Kevin, while that ski and the accompanying precut skins have been discontinued, the current Blacklight 88 has a similar sidecut. I am thinking the 184cm Blacklight 88 skins should cover you.
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Question from Chris
I think I’m about to order a pair of Blacklight 88s in 172. The precut skin for that ski is sold out. Any reason I couldn’t get the skin for the 95 in a 172 and just take a trimmer to it?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, that should work, we can verify if they are the exact same length prior. Note we are expecting more 88 skins next week, and also have a pair that was used once here.
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Question from Jacqueline
I have a pair of Dynafit haute route plus Women's skis: 156, 111 - 78 - 98. Any chance to get speedskins to fit them?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Jacqueline, with the Speedskins you would want to get one that is exactly the length of your ski to fit your ski properly. Since there are no options available in the 156cm length I recommend building out a Pomoca skin and adding the Dynafit rubber tip and a metal tail hook kit to build your own 'speedskin'. The Pomoca Climb 2.0 Skins will be a similar formula to the speedskin material and you can add the Dynafit rubber tip and the tail hook kit. If you would like any further help feel free email us at
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WasatchMcQuack (used product regularly)
Got these pre-cut for Dyanfit Blacklight 88s. I've always been happy with Pomoca glue and mixing the Pomoca plush/glue with the speed fit tips/tails makes this a full win-win product. I've used race-style skins in the past that didn't seem to fit right, but these were spot on in width and length.
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
Great skins. If you have a dynafit ski, you got to get a pair. I wish more skis would send trimmed skins. Anyway, they glide very well and have just a tad less grip than nylon counterparts. My only complaint is the nipple attachment. I have broken them after heavy use. I just think there are better attachments. Not the worst, not the best. Buy these skins though if you are considering them, you won’t regret it.
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Question from Dan

I've just purchased a pair of Dynafit Speed 90 skis, and would like to purchase the accompanying speed skins, just wondering if you knew when (or if?) they'd be coming back in stock.

Answer from Cole P
Hey Dan, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, the Speed 90 ski is discontinued which also means that Dynafit discontinued the precut skin. Your best bet to get a tip rip skin would be to build one out. I would recommend the Pomoca Race Tips with the Ski Trab World Cup race skin which has the 95mm width option which would work great for your ski. You can also use the Dynafit Rubber tip if you like that option more. If you would like further help feel free to reach out to
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Question from Arthur C
Hey Teddy. If i get the dynafit black light 88, 184 and the contour tailhook set, with a bit of trimming and riveting, will it fit my setup?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Arthur, yes indeed this method will work in order to fit your Carbonio 88's.
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Question from Arthur C
Do you have dynafit speed skins to fit my carbonio 88 limited edition 167.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Arthur, we do not have any precuts for that ski, but this Colltex Mohair Mix skin would fit that ski well!
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GREGG (used product regularly)
I've used Dynafit Beast 108 precuts on a pair of Dynafit Chugash (essentially the same base profile) for several years. The skins are light, the glue has held up extremely well, and the attachment system is as good as it gets.

The only negative is that the 70 mohair/30 nylon combo has less grip than my previous nylons skins, but it has only been an issue on melt/freeze terrain with a lot of boot traffic. On decent skin tracks or powder the skins have terrific grip.
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Question from Jim M
Looking for a pair of skins for the Dynafit Denali, 176 cm (131-98-116). Can't seem to find the skins for that ski, as they are 5-6 years old.
Anyone know if the Dynafit Beast 98 177 cm (125-97-116) skins fit the Denali skis? Seems like it would be pretty close, but the way the tip attachment works on these skins I wonder if it would be a little loose.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jim,

The Dynafit Precut skins have a pretty low tolerance in the length. At a full centimeter off, these skins will not be taught enough for the stretch lock tip on a 176cm ski. Additionally, the Denali Precut skins are discontinued. One potential solution would be a custom-built skin. Reach out to us at for details!
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Question from Rod
Hi there

I have the 2016/17 model of Dynafit Manaslu's 166cm. Will these skins fit? If not, what are my options. The website says to go with The Speedskin Tour 88s but it seems unlikely that is the only model of skins that would fit. Thanks!
Answer from Jeremy L
Rod, thanks for the question. We don't have anything in stock that will fit. The tip bungee leaves little room for error. Please email us at and we can get you some custom skins built.
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Question from David James
I have a pair of Dynafit Tour 88 skis, 166cm in length. I am not finding a matching set of skins for this ski. What are my options? Thank you!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi David,

We do not carry a precut skin for the Dynafit Tour 88 skis. I would recommend a trim to fit skin, or a custom build if you would like a tip rip system. Reach out to if you have any further questions!
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Question from David C
I was just given a set of dynafit speedfit 84s but can’t find the accompanying skins. What options do you recommend? Thanks.
Answer from Patrick C

Congrats on the skis! The precut skins are no longer available, but you can always email us at with the length and dimensions of the skis and we can help you pick out the right pair of skins for you!
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Question from Erin
Wondering if there is a difference between Beast 98 Speedskins with an orange tip toggle vs black-- different production year? Any idea if the actual skin is a different model?
Thank you!
Answer from Will M
Hey Erin,

Great question! The difference should just be the color. Orange is a bit more fun & matches the ski!

Answer from Erin H
Thanks, Will! I have a pair of Climb Pro Glides and just got a set of Speedskins w/the orange tab, and they do not feel nearly as slick as the Glides, though I thought they were the same. Am I mistaken, are they different?
Answer from jbo
Hi Erin, the Speedskins do not have the same treatment as the S-Glides, so they may feel a bit different out of the box. After break-in, it gets harder to tell the difference.
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Question from sfranchi
Hi, I have a pair of Dynafit Baltoro (176cm), could you recommend me some compatible pre cut skins?

Thanks in advance,
Answer from Cole P
Hey Sandro, since these skins are pre-cut for specific skis none of these options will work without modification. I do have a few suggestions, first would be a trim to fit option like the Pomoca Pro S glide, here which would require only a trim. Second would be to purchase the Dynafit Speed 90 precut skin in 184cm and purchase a tailhook set here, cut off the tails and attach the tailhook set at the correct length, and trim the width. The third option is to build out a custom skin and I would recommend the Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide Skins here sold per cm, a Pomoca race tip here and a Contour tailhook set here. You will need to assemble the custom build and with the second and third option you will also need a trim tool here. Good luck and if you need anything else email us at
Answer from sfranchi
Thanks a lot Cole for your complete answer :) Will check all of your recommendations.

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Question from Jack
Hi there! I have a pair of 186/114 Dynafit Huascarans and I am looking to replace the skins with a new set. What size would you recommend here? I don't see any that are 186 in length, unless I am mistaken.

Answer from TSB
Hey Jack, unfortunately the Huascaran is now an outdated model in Dyna-world, so we're no longer able to order precuts for that ski in particular. If you like a wide, lightweight skin with traditional tip and tail fixations, the Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 would be an awesome choice, or hit us up at if you'd like to build a custom set of skins!
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Question from Jesse

So, if I’m building a skin for the Hagan ultras 76, 177s. What length should I get? Is it 177 x 2 +10 like I read somewhere else here?

Also what parts for tip and tale would your recommend? Does the Dynafit notch similar enough to Hagans? What about the tale?!?

Thanks! I haven’t done this before!

Best, Jesse
Answer from TSB
Hey Jesse, shoot us a note at and we will get you all squared away with the tips, tales, stories, epics, and fables!
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Question from Jesse

I’m looking for preferably all mohair skins for Hagans Ultra 76, 177s. What are the options? And/or how would your recommend revitalizing the glue of Hagans skins?


Best, Jesse
Answer from TSB
Hey Jesse, unfortunately we are no longer carrying Hagan mohair pre-cuts in that length, but you could always build your own from our rolls of plush and skin parts. For revitalizing glue, you can always touch up using a little bit of the classic, ultra-tacky Black Diamond Gold Label glue.
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Question from Brook Yeomans
Hey Jason,
It’s been a long time, but it’s Brook up in Jackson. Say I’m still really enjoying those cho oyu’s you sent me after my tragedy on Moran. Mostly lots of skimo at snow king. I’ve worn out the speed skins pretty well. Do you have something around that would fit. I love the tip and tail system. I have the 174 length. Hope you are well,
Answer from Jeff
Brook, I will have to ask about that story. You can use the Speed 90 skin, but it is 176cm and your ski is 174. There isn't an adjustment for length on these so you would have to take off the tail and re rivet. Or we have the tip and tail and you could custom make a skin.
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