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Whether trudging gear to the truck in freshly fallen snow or celebrating an epic day out with friends at the bar, do so comfortably in the Winter Bootie. Sporting a “maximum volume” fit, the Winter Bootie will be a relief for tired and sore feet, free from the confines of constricting and sweaty ski boots. The synthetic outsole provides reliable traction, helping avoid any embarrassing slips after your celebratory, post-tour libations. From pre-tour schlepping of gear to post-tour celebrations, do so in the Winter Bootie.

  • Synthetic outsole with aggressive lugs provides confident traction.
  • Insulation keeps your toes nice and warm, even in deep snow.
  • Best for celebrating epic adventures in the mountains.

Recommended Sizing (US Men):

XS 4-6
S 6.5-8
M 8.5-10
L 10.5-12
XL 12.5-15

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Questions & Reviews

Colin R (used product regularly)
These things rock! I'm a men's US size 10.5-11 and the Large size is perfect. At first I was worried that these were niche, nice-weather only booties that wouldn't stand up to heavy snow. I was wrong! I've been basically living in these things up here in Tahoe all season. Shoveling snow for hours, driving to the slopes, running errands during a blizzard... these work great and stay warm and weather-proof.

I haven't worn them in pure rain, but they have never had issues in wet snow. They dry out fast if you get snow inside. I've hit them really hard a ton when shoveling deep snow and they've survived unscathed, which is a testament to the durability. Pic is after four months of use - basically still new! Probably my favorite gear purchase of the season.
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Question from Jenny
Hi! I’m a women’s size 8, do you think a size Small would be too big? Or just right? Thank you!
Answer from Niko M
Hi Jenny! The size small would well for you. They may be slightly roomy, but would be generally comfortable. Thanks!
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Question from Kurt P
HI guys, US 9.5 shoe. 27.0 mondo. Medium or large in these?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Kurt! The size medium will work great for you. Thanks!
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Question from Paul
Size 10- should I go with the medium or large please?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Paul! I would suggest the M, especially if you plan on using them like a traditional winter boot. If you're hoping for more of a "lounge" fit, the L would likely be comfortable, but certainly big. Thanks!
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Scott Coldiron (used product regularly)
These boots are awesome! I would describe them as a cross between a warm indoor slipper and fully capable snow boot. Probably my favorite purchase of the year and I wear them everywhere when it's snowy. They are super easy to slip on and off, yet durable enough to wear outside extensively. I look forward to putting these slippers on as soon as my ski boots come off.
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Question from Brian
What is the proper size in this boot for a Women's 9 1/2?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Brian! A size small should work well for a W 9 1/2. Thanks!
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Question from Brian
I am a size 13 US....will the XL fit me?
Answer from Emmett I

The XL should fit you well!
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