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Lightweight skis may require some unusual mounting tools. For example, some ski specs call for drill bits that are typically used for child skis. Yes, your expensive skinny skis may in fact be designed for children. But hopefully you mount them like an adult by using some of the tools below.

3.5 x 7.5mm Drill Bit - Custom size required for Vapor Svelte and shorter Nano skis (164, 172). Also good for many junior skis.

3.5 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - Step drill bits that can be used with most Movement skis. The 9mm step prevents drilling any deeper.

3.5 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Nice steel bits that meet the specs of most La Sportiva skis, with the notable exception of Vapor Svelte and shorter Nano skis (164, 172).

3.6 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - This is the bit for Atomic skis with wood cores (including Ultimates), Elan race skis, and folks who like numbers divisible by 0.9.

3.6 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Black Diamond thinks this is the right bit for putting holes in pre-2020 BD skis. They might know best!

3.8 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - Unusual size preferred by the geniuses at the Trab factory in Bormio. Supplied by the geniuses at Wintersteiger. Also used for Kastle touring skis.

4.1 x 7.5mm Drill Bit - Technically a bit for junior skis, it works great on any thin ski coupled with shallower screws.

4.1 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - The exact specs from most Dynafit, Hagan, & Fischer skis since they have metal plates to drill through.

4.1 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Some manufacturers like it deep. In this case, they also like metal top plates.

T-Handle Tap - It's recommended to tap the holes for binding screws if they are going through a metal top sheet or reinforcement plate. If you need a 4.1mm wide bit, you will most likely want to tap before screwing with this sharp Wintersteiger tool, unless you like screws with mangled threads.

Torx 20 Tool - Handy T20 driver bit for reaching and turning Dynafit binding screws that are often tucked in close to the housings. Made by Dynafit.

Radical 2 Adjustment Tool - Dynafit's tool for adjusting Radical 2 bindings.

Quiver Killers - Look here.

Hardman Epoxy - The orange double bubble is a slow cure epoxy with a very high shear strength. Flexible, tough, and vibration resistant, this is for bomber mounts and inserts. Cures grey despite being named orange and comes with a mixing stick. 18 hour full cure with a 4 hour work time which is great for anal folks like us. 3.5g per pack, enough for a mount.

Plastic Hole Plug - Little bit of shaped plastic that can be stuffed into a 4.1mm wide drill hole. Insert with epoxy for a water-tight seal. Usually black.

** Please note that you should always double check the specs on your skis and ask the manufacturer if in doubt. Make sure the bit isn't longer than the depth of your skis. Some race bindings have shorter screws so you can get away with shorter bits (e.g. 7.0 or 7.5mm steps).

***Drill bits are from both Wintersteiger and Sun Valley Ski Tools. Based on availabilty.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Josh
I have a pair of Salomon Lumen QST skis that does not indicate which drill bit to use for mounting bindings, tried to call Salomon but they never got back to me. which drill bit size should I use for these?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Josh! For that ski, we recommend the 4.1 x 9.0mm drill bit. Thanks!
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Question from Kirk
I have atomic backland skis and backland bindings ready to mount. Bought QK sets with tools from here but decided not to use them on this pair.
Skis noted to use 4.1 x 9 drill bit and it looks like the skis have carbon in it so i have 4.1mm drill bit.
When i measures the screws that came with the bindings, only 7.5mm will go in the skis, so would i still drill 9mm or just 7.5mm will do?
Also shall i use epoxy i have 24hr cure) or wood glue? I prefer epoxy and don’t want to worry about remounting but want to ask before i make a mistake.
Answer from Emmett I

Doesn't hurt to have an extra mm when drilling, I would drill the full 9mm. It won't adversely affect the ski.

We typically use wood glue, and only use epoxy when reusing old holes or when we're really worried about the bindings pulling out. That said, you could use epoxy no problem if you don't plan on remounting them much.
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Question from Lance
I have a pair of Head Kore 93’s. They have a titanal sheet, but the top sheet says to use 3.5x9.0. Why would that be?
Answer from Emmett I

Don't quote me on this, as alpine gear isn't my specialty, but some of the Head Kores are softer, without a titanium mount plate. Those are typically made for rental/demo fleets.

Always go with what the topsheet says!
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EG1 (used product regularly)
Commenting generally as own too many to comment on any specific size. An absolute must if you plan on mounting your own skis. Do NOT take the risk and use a normal drill-bit - seen far too many people end up pushing all the way through, which these eliminate the chance of doing.
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Question from Kevin
Going from a 4.1x9.5mm bit into a factory recommended 4.1x9.0mm, would that be a major issue? working with trofeo plus on a Dynafit Blacklight 95.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Kevin. In this case, we'd recommend sticking with the recommendation from the factory.
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Question from Elijah
Hi! I wonder what drill bit do I need for QST 92 2022 and a tyrolia attack 11.

Answer from Emmett I
Hi Elijah,
The recommended drill bit is typically inscribed on the ski. In the rare case that it isn't, it depends on what the mounting plate is made of. If it's made of fiberglass, carbon, or anything but metal, you'll want to use a 3.5mm wide bit. If it's made of metal, you'll want to use a 4.1mm bit. You could reach out to Salomon about the material of the mounting plate, or drill with the 3.5mm, then, if metal shavings come out, widen it with a 4.1mm.
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Question from Hamid
Hello Skimo Team,
What size drill bit do i need to order for Atomic Backland 85 UL? Do i also need to buy the tapping tool?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Hamid, you'll want to use a 4.1 x 9mm drill bit for that ski. The titanal plate in the ski is thin enough that you shouldn't need to tap the holes unless you're mounting a G3 binding in which case tapping the holes for the heels can be helpful but is not essential.
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Question from josh
I am mounting marker squires onto black crows Camox birdie skis, the ski does not list the drill bit size i need for mounting. what size should I use
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Josh,

Your skis should list the required drill bit right on the topsheet. If not, I would use a 3.8 or 4.1 if the mounting plate contains metal, and a 3.6 if it does not.
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Question from Nils
Can you please suggest which tools to use / are needed to mount a meidjo on the scott scrapper 95 (the ski states 4.1mm ang glue G1) what glue should I use (epoxy/wood glue) and do i need to tap? Thank you!
Answer from Zak M
Hi Nils, for that ski you'll want to use the 4.1x9.5 drill bit and wood glue is perfect. You shouldn't need to tap, but if you're having trouble getting the screws into the ski a tap wouldn't hurt.
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Question from Tom Miller
what brand are the mounting bits? specifically the 4.1x9 and 4.1x9.5?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Tom. At the moment, both of those bits are from Wintersteiger. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Juergen Z
Thank you for your prompt reply Will.
So the QST 118 has a metal top plate? Do I have to tap it after drilling? If yes, can you recommend a suitable tool for taping please?
Thank you again for your assistance!!
Answer from Will McD
Sure thing Juergen! It doesn't have a metal top-sheet, but instead has a titanal-reinforced mounting area and solid core construction to grip the screw threads. You shouldn't need to tap the holes since we're not drilling through a true metal topsheet - we don't bother with a tap when we mount QST's in the shop.
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Question from Juergen
I intend to mount a Marker Jester Pro Binding upon a pair of Salomon QST 118. Can you tell what drill bit size will be the right choice for this ski (diameter and length).
Do you ship to Germany?
Thank you and best regards,
Answer from Will McD
Hey Juergen,
I would use 4.1 x 9.5mm drill bit for the QST, and we absolutely can ship to Germany.
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Question from Eric S
I was just about to put some new holes in my Trab Misticos when I realized that Trab specifies 3.8, rather then 3.5 mm. Does that difference *really* matter?

I know the official answer is yes, but what's the unofficial answer? I promise not to sue!
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, I doubt the sky will fall if you use a 3.5, but we can't really speak from experience...we always use a 3.8 as spec'd!
Answer from Eric S
Thanks for the straighforward answer. OK, new drill bit ordered...
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Comment from Jon
Just fyi, BD is now speccing 4.1x9.5mm bit for all their skis. I bought a 3.6 off this site based on:

"3.6 x 9.5mm Drill Bit - Black Diamond thinks this is the right bit for putting holes in BD skis. They might know best!"

but its outdated.
Reply from eric
Jon- You are correct as of fall 2020 Black Diamond is now recommends using 4.1 width drill bit on all newer skis. Ski construction can change these days without name changes. But if ever in doubt, drill a ski with a 3.6 first and see if there is metal. If there is metal, than use 4.1 to enlarge the hole.
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Question from Jason S
I'm looking to plug holes on a pair of ski's. Your plugs say the plugs a 4.1 but the previous bindings were mounted with 3.5 (wood core)
Will these still work?
Answer from Teddy Young
Because the mounting screw makes the hole slightly larger than the 3.5mm drill bit, the plugs still work just as well!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jason, I like to drill out 3.5 holes with a 4.1 bit before putting in the plugs. They slide in much easier that way.
Answer from Jason S
I didn't end up drilling out the holes. Mixed the epoxy, put some down into the hole and then just used a few light taps from a mallet to push the plug in. Worked great!
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Question from DAVELIM8850
hey there, I'm hoping to use these stepped drill bits with a drill guide to help get that 90degree angle just right. the guides come with a variety of collars that go over the shank part of the dril bit. What diameter shank are your stepped drill bits in mm? Thanks
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Dave. The shank (the part that goes into the chuck of the drill) measures 6mm. The middle part, between the shank and the flute, is 8mm. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Yutao W
what size of drill bits should be used on blackcrows and dps skies
Answer from Will M
Hey Yutao,

Thanks for the question! DPS should use a 3.6 x 9.5mm Drill Bit. As for Black Crows, it depends on which ski you're looking to mount. Some use a 3.5 and some use a 4.1.
Answer from Kimball H
FWIW I just got off the phone with DPS, they're recommending 4.1x9.5 on the Pagoda Tour 112RPs I have.
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andrejs g (used product a few times)
Just used the 4.1 x 9 bit to mount Marker Alpinists to a pair of Backland 85's and also Mtn Summit 79s. Both skis called for the 4.1 and it worked like a charm, cleanly cutting through with ease. Solid bit.
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Question from Eric S
I'm mounting some Hagan Core Pro 12s on my Voile Vectors. Using the screws that came with the bindings of courses.

Recommended drill bit size? And should I tap?
Answer from Patrick C

For the Voile Vector series we would suggest a 3.6 x 9.0mm drill bit. It is the ski construction that determines the choice so go ahead and mount up those Hagans and get skiing!
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Question from Bobi
I'm mounting Look SPX 12 on Atomic Punx 7. On the ski it says to use 4.1x9 drill bit.
The ski doesn't have metal sheet in it so not sure if I should use 3.6 or 4.1. I can not find any information if the ski has a mounting plate or not.
I would like to know your opinion.
Thank you very much.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Bobi. We would recommend you follow the manufacturer's direction and use the bit size listed on top of the ski!
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