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Ski Trab is the best ski manufacturer you have never heard of (unless you frequent The Trabucchi family has been building only backcountry skis in Bormio, Italy, below Gavia pass, for 74 years. Simply put, they live, breathe, and ski the snow-covered Alps their whole lives so it is safe to say they are passionate about their work. In the spirit of that passion they have created the Gavia 85 with all the design features of last season's Magico.2 at a friendlier price. A softer flex of 60 is ideal for lighter weight, or less aggressive skiers. Of course, the Gavia still has Ski Trab's incredible 14 Layer Technology; under the Quadriaxial Cap made of carbon, basalt, and glass fibers they have started with a Liwood core. The Liwood core uses a mix of light wood and harder ash with air channels milled in to save weight, creating a damp, yet lively ski. Combined with the Liwood Air core the flex is softened just at the tip and tail, making for easier turning, but does not sacrifice edge hold when you need it. And to make sure things stay smooth, Trab uses a special elastomer above the edges to soak up vibrations. Put together, this makes a great all-around ski at a very light weight. If you are looking for a ski to last a long time, buy a Ski Trab ski. If you are wanting a ski for morning fitness laps at the local hill, fast touring, hut skiing, and even powder, get the Gavia 85.

  • High Density sintered base and 52 HRC edges are incredibly durable.
  • HighConnect, Trab's special 'bridge' connects and locks both edges into place.
  • DuoTail split allows the tail to flex, making turning easier and more precise.
  • Liwood Air core keeps the weight down without sacrificing torsional rigidity, or edge hold.
  • Updated idecut, increased rocker, and updated flex pattern make this lightweight ski easier to turn.
  • Ski Trab's high quality design and construction allow them to offer an unheard of 3-year warranty.
Lengths (cm) 150, 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
1025g [150]
1095g [157]
1130g [164]
Weight (pair) 2050g [150]
2190g [157]
2260g [164]
Dimensions   118-88-104 [150]
118-88-104 [157]
118-87-104 [164]
118-85-104 [171]
118-85-104 [178]
Turn Radius   17.5m [150]
19.5m [157]
20.8m [164]
21.1m [171]
23.1m [178]
Skin Fix   Attivo clips
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Subtle rocker in the tip with medium camber underfoot, flattish tail
Shape   Attivo.2 shape: longer rockered tip and tail with contact points moved forward, split tail
Construction   14-layer layup, Quadriaxial Cap, glass-basalt reinforcements, 60 Flex
Core   Liwood Air core, hard wood sidewall
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring, speed touring
Notes Updated shape and profile make for even easier steering
Bottom Line Ski Trab quality in an affordable package
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Clara
Hi, for a experienced skier, weight 58 kg and high 1,60, who enjoys the descent, what size and ski model do you recommend?
Answer from Lrow
Hi Clara,

If you're at 160cm tall, I would recommend the 150cm for an all-purpose, variable terrain performance, with quicker, shorter turns, great for weaving between trees and edge handling on varying snow conditions. If you want to go for a more traditional alpine feel, and longer turns, the 157cm would be perfect.
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Sarah H (used product a few times)
I bought these after reading through all the reviews and Q&A here on Skimo, and everywhere else I could find. I wanted to put together a very light setup that had more versatility than a race ski. I also didn't want to suffer too much on the downhill, even though I understood I'd probably have to give a lot up in terms of performance versus my burly, heavy, ski-everything skis in order to get faster on the ups. And actually, I'm really surprised how well they ski! I'm not a fast or aggressive skier (I like to get a lot of vert and take the funnest way down), and I've only skied them in powder so far, but I was surprised how much control I still have, and downright shocked how much float they have for being only 85 underfoot. They're also kind of springy and fun, I don't really know what goes into ski design and manufacture, but these have a feeling of rebound on turns that reminds me more of the springy-ness of my nordic skate skis than my hard-charging, all mtn (but extraordinarily heavy) Volkls. And the really, really good part is, I knew how light they were when I bought them, and when I received them, but actually on my feet they just CRUISE. My goal was to put together a setup that would sacrifice some performance in the name of fun and fast for the uphill when conditions permit, and these have completely delivered. In case it's helpful, I've put Marker Alpinists on them and am driving with Scarpa Alien 1.1s. I'll try to update this review when spring comes and the conditions get spicy!
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Question from Shae
How does this ski compare to the salomon mtn explorer 88? 5'1" 110lbs and am wanting something reliable for exposed terrain but that is also soft enough for my light weight
Answer from Jeff
Hello Shae, Two very good skis for petite persons.
The MTN Explore 88 is a solid all-around ski and skis variable conditions quite well. Ski Trab makes incredibly well-made and great skiing skis. This is the softer version of the Magico.2 above in related products ( I ski it). The straighter sidecut and great edge hold of these will be better on steep, firm exposed terrain. Yet the flex is quite soft and they will ski powder quite well too. Like Magic.
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Question from Lisa
Which length do you recommend for a 5'4", 180 lbs intermediate skier? Will the skis work on varied terrain (powder, icy, trees)?
Answer from Jeremy L
Lisa, thanks for the questions. This is a great ski for varied terrain. It punches well above its width in soft snow, is wonderful in trees and tight places, and will hold an edge in hard with confidence. For you, I'd recommend the Stelvio in 157cm as it's the same ski but the slightly stiffer flex would suit you better. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us at
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