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Salomon Shift Pro 130 Boot

No Longer Carry

Like its binding namesake, the Salomon Shift Pro 130 AT is aimed at the skier that wants the ability to go touring but spends the bulk of their time in the confines of a ski resort. Starting with the Coreframe insert, Salomon was able to keep the weight of the Shift down to “tourable” levels without sacrificing the stiffness that skiers demand from a 130-flex boot. Being the lovable material science nerds that they are, Salomon used a Polyolefin Polymid spine, which, when combined with the Surelock Ski Walk Mechanism, offers acceptable side-country performance on the up and exceptional performance on the down. With tech inserts and a Gripwalk sole, the Shift is ready to be used with either tech or Gripwalk compatible alpine bindings. The Custom Shell HD frame allows the shell of the Shift to shift, offering a truly customized fit to a wide array of foot shapes. If you spend most of your time inbounds but find yourself longingly looking at untracked ski lines just outside the gates, then get some avalanche training/gear, touring bindings, Salomon Shift Pro 130 AT boots, and make the turns of your dreams!

  • Coreframe allows the boot to be somewhat light and stiff.
  • Custom Shell HD allows a bootfitter to match the Shift to a wide array of feet.
  • Surelock Ski Walk Mechanism is low profile and easy to use.
  • My Custom Fit 4D is moldable for a custom fit.
  • Sensifit Insert helps you put the boots on with less profanity involved.
convert to ounces
1732g [27/27.5]
Weight (pair) 3464g [27/27.5]
Buckles   4 + Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   306mm [26/26.5]
316mm [27/27.5]
326mm [28/28.5]
336mm [29/29.5]
346mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523, Gripwalk
Cuff Rotation   40°
Forward Lean(s)   12.5°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyamid XECARB composite shell, polyamid cuff
Liner   My Custom Fit 4D Race
Sole   Midgrip
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring
Notes Sidecountry? More like Shiftcountry with this do it all boot
Bottom Line Salomon's freeride royalty for performance on the down
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Pan
It can be use normal alpine binding?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Pan! With the ISO 9523 and Gripwalk compatibility, this boot will work with nearly all types of bindings, including current resort bindings. Thanks!
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Question from Anthony O
How is the stiffness, fit and cuff height compared to the Quattro? And walking with the whole upper cuff unbuckled?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Anthony. Starting with the fit, the Quattro and Shift Pro are very different. The Quattro is a very low-volume boot, especially in the instep but also the overall fit of the boot is rather narrow. The shift on the other hand has a pretty typical instep height (still taller that the Quattro) but is a good bit wider. Considering the extra space that can be gained by heat molding the thicker Shift liner, the Shift is a boot for wider feet while the Quattro is absolutely not.

Stiffness-wise, both boots are in the same stiffer class of touring boot, but the Quattro is a bit softer and more progressive. Whereas the Shift is consistently stiff as you flex the cuff, the Quattro starts a bit softer and gets stiffer as you lean into it. Progressive vs linear flex generally comes down to the personal preference of the skier. Comparing the cuff heights, the Shift at 32cm is 2cm taller than the Quattro. Similarly, the Shift liner extends higher past the cuff than does that of the Quattro.

And finally, the walk modes are quite different for two boots in the same class. Just opening the buckles on the Quattro (not fully undoing) allows it to articulate better in walk mode than the Shift does with all the buckles fully undone, especially in the rear direction. Comparing it even to other boots in the same class, the Quattro walks exceptionally well for a 4-buckle boot.
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Model: Shift Pro 130 AT MPN: L47000500

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